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  1. WildOaksManor

    Scours in bottle fed lamb - 60 hrs old??

    This is my first bottle baby, rejected at birth. Wensleydale ram. He got colostrum for the first 6 hrs, then two long 15 min feeds, 12 hrs apart while the ewe was restrained. Obviously not sure exactly how much he got. He is now on powdered milk replacer. Started out feeding 4 ounces every 3 hrs...
  2. WildOaksManor

    ND Goat with ultra dry, flaking skin - Vet suggests euthanizing?

    My 1 1/2 year old Nigerian Dwarf, Arrow, is having a rough time. I am hoping someone here has some advice or experience with a similar issue. Arrow was wormed with Ivermectin pour-on, per vets recommendation at the end of Sept, '16. Shortly after, I noticed flaking, dry skin on a couple does...
  3. WildOaksManor

    Vinyl Ranch fencing....with goats?

    Now obviously, 3 rail vinyl fencing and goats do not mix, but we moved into a home on 5 acres, which is perimeter fenced with 3 rail vinyl. I am trying to figure out what the best way would be to fence in pasture area for my Nigerians. My husband wants to throw up T-posts and 2x4 wire fencing...
  4. WildOaksManor

    Help me name my I.R. ducklings?

    I have 4 new Indian Runner duckettes that need names. I like themes. 80's/90's, Hippy, water related, beginning with same letter, etc. I think I'm going to go with Hippy/water related, (unless you guys can come up with some awesomely rad 80's names) so give me your opinions on the...
  5. WildOaksManor

    Hi. I just really want to be like all of you.

    Hello. I am Amanda, and I am addicted to goats. I live in SW Washington, (AKA "MUD CITY") and I am determined to be a crazy goat lady. I have 3 one year old Nigerian Dwarf Does, that have never been bred, but I'm here to learn all about milking and stanchions and smelly bucks and birthing, and...
  6. WildOaksManor

    Waterproofing a wood goat barn floor - Pls ADVISE

    We have a small 18'x24' "barn" that was built on a slope, (with posts and an elevated chipboard subfloor) with the intention of becoming a chicken "mansion". As the build-out progressed, we realized it was too nice to put chickens in, and it sat empty all fall and winter while we tried to decide...