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  1. frustratedearthmother

    Egg Thief - I got him this time!

    Walked out to the barn to gather eggs and found this:
  2. frustratedearthmother

    Ya’ll Think She’s Pregnant- Not Any More!

    I have this goat...maybe she’s bloated but I wonder if she’s pregnant. What do y’all think? Just kidding! She’s due within the next week or so. Please excuse the mess- it was cleaning day.
  3. frustratedearthmother

    What Is Wrong With This Article?

    Noticed an article posted on Farmers Weekly website. Anybody else notice something not quite right? "It’s 6.30am in early October and Karoo farmer Flippie Loock heads out to feed his Savannah goats. The month-long kidding season is coming to an end and soon all 500 of his ewes will have...
  4. frustratedearthmother

    Something is NOT right here!

    Is it just me? Or is something just a little bit off here???
  5. frustratedearthmother


    Saw this ad on Craigslist....
  6. frustratedearthmother

    XP Yeast

    I was at the feed store earlier buying my usual million pounds of feed when another customer started a conversation with me. "Ya got goats, huh?" was her question. "Yes, I do" was my answer. We conversed a few minutes and she told me she has a bunch of goats, and she milks, makes soaps and...
  7. frustratedearthmother

    LGD Near Houston

    Is this not the saddest face you've ever seen! I hate to see an LGD on a chain. :(
  8. frustratedearthmother

    Pygmy goats from my past

    I've been doing some of that deep cleaning that I HATE, lol. But, in doing so I've found some treasures from my past. I came across a folder with a few pics of some of my former Pygmy goats. There are a lot of memories and happy thoughts that go along with these pics. Thought I'd post some...
  9. frustratedearthmother

    Cowboy - It Doesn't Get Better Than This!

    Ok - I have a big decision to make and I'm opening it up for discussion, lol. We're going to have an addition to the family. I've found someone in my area who has AKC registered and working Anatolians. I don't really care about the papers but I do care that they are working dogs. The pups are...
  10. frustratedearthmother

    My thoughts on the Simple Pulse milker I'm not through shopping yet...but I am in the market for a milker. My hands are complaining more and more every day so after a surprise financial windfall I've decided to get a milker. My frugal self says to just get a simple hand milker, but my not so frugal...
  11. frustratedearthmother

    Growing Pains - Share Stories About Your Puppies

    Southern By Choice and I recently had a conversation about my new English Shepherd puppy, Gracie. SBC suggested a thread to discuss some of the crazy/bad/silly/exasperating things that our puppies do. Gracie had a 'no good very bad day' this past weekend. Despite that, I still believe that...
  12. frustratedearthmother

    Do you think she's ready???

    Went out this morning and noticed that Kili wasn't being head hog at the feeder....hmmmm. Her udder is quite a bit larger than it was yesterday....hmmmmm. AND, last but certainly not least - her ligs are gone, gone, gone! I think I'll go check on her now! :D
  13. frustratedearthmother

    Got a photo-bomb?

    "Don't leave me out, mom!" I was trying to take a picture of geese yesterday and my girl just had to sneak in! That's a Pyr for ya - has to be in the middle of everything! Silly dog...
  14. frustratedearthmother

    So Proud of my Girl

    I just have to brag a little.... We had tons of company this weekend. Everybody wanted to go out and see the animals - so off we went. Of course, the kiddos were the first ones to the gate and Maddie, the GP, was right there to meet them. She hasn't had a lot of contact with kids so I...
  15. frustratedearthmother

    Babies? What are the chances?

    I picked up a 4 month old Dorper ewe yesterday. I am concerned because she was running with a mature ram. What are the chances that she might be bred?
  16. frustratedearthmother

    Another Texan in the House

    I'm new on this forum, I've been hanging around the SufficientSelf site for awhile. I've been a goat person for over 20 years now. I started with Pygmies and now have Nubians and am starting my own line of Kinders. We had kids a couple of days ago, and have more due this week. I had pigs...