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  1. BrownSheep

    BrownSheep- It's been a while

    Yak calf got her cast Friday. No puss, no swelling, no signs of infections! It really looked beautiful. Vet (boss) has high hopes for her. Sent 10 lambs to the sale today. Average weight was 88lbs. 5 large wethers and 5 small ewe lambs. After commission and other fees came home with a little...
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    BrownSheep- It's been a while

    Well, hi there.:hide I've been busy busy busy the past couple of months. I'll give you a bit of a run down. I started working for a local vet back in May. We had 5 yak calves born this year (2h/3b) I applied to vet school. :eek::D:eek: Got a 2nd loom ( I haven't woven anything yet) rams were...
  3. BrownSheep

    900 goat dairy farm

    Nope definately not a factory farm. Family dairy farms here are LARGE. To put it simply, my family has a feedlot CAFO-ed for 1000 cows an average dairy has no problem filling that with just replacement heifers.
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    Not Dislocated, Broken

    Her unbroken leg is doing the twisting motion. My aunt put a brace on it to try and prevent it. That led to both of the hind legs having shortened ligaments so she can't bend the legs. Because of this she can't get up when she lays. She is actually going to see our small animal vet tomorrow...
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    900 goat dairy farm

    I recently just read ( about a dairy farm nearby that has 900 goats and milks about 600 hundred of those. Just thought you goaties would be interested. I live in big dairy country but had no idea we had so many large dairy goat opperations.
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    BrownSheep- It's been a while

    It did hatch! Unfortunately, I lost another nesting turkey hen and sheep chicken to the dang racoons. I'm planning revenge. I started work at the vet clinic last week. It is really great! I've learned a lot and am enjoying it. This week I've been going in at 5 am and getting off between noon...
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    BrownSheep- It's been a while

    I have extremely exciting news. The hen that was killed only had two eggs that weren't eaten, hauled off, or damaged. I wasn't certain how long they had been left out in the COLD air, but I put them in the incubator anyways. I know one for certain is alive and doing well! Lots of movement...
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    A sheep chick

    Sheep chick is still at it. It has integrated with the main flock and spends all day with them. I managed to snap a photo tonight as they were headed out to bed. It was much darker than the picture makes it look.
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    Possible Predators

    Are you certain it isn't the dog? The coyotes around here won't mess with something as big as a horse unless it is sick or otherwise compramised.
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    BrownSheep- It's been a while

    I'm out of school for summer, hallelujah! Wen't to bed at 1 a.m. work up at 5:30 am with the sun in my window. Sheep started baa-ing at 6 so I went outside. I noticed one of the turkey hens who had hatched 2 chicks yesterday was out and about. SHOOT! Usually, I have a day or two before they try...
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    norseofcourse's journal - spring and show update

    Asaparagus is actually something that grows wild in the barrow pits here. Lots of people walk the roads picking it in the spring. I, personally, love aspargus in the fall. It turns a beautiful orange. We have painted turtles here but bodies of water are so widespread you never really see them.
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    What squeeze chute to get?

    Powder river is the stuff we drool over and then promptly turn and look at the cheaper stuff. I'll have to look at what we have. It's OLD though so no idea if it is still being manufactured. I would keep your eyes on craigslist. Just looking at my craigslist I found I guy who does custom...
  13. BrownSheep

    How do we deal with full udders after our Ewe's baby dies?

    I wouldn't worry about her too much. At 8 weeks she was probably starting to wean him herself. As long as she doesn't seem uncomfortable and their doesn't seem to be inflamation I would leave her be.
  14. BrownSheep

    Getting Started - Searching for Land advice

    I believe ( going off their user name and prior statement) they want to be able to have usable wool. There are some people who prefer wool breeds regaurdless. In my area hair sheep actually go for about 40 % less than a wool lamb.
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    Callie Pups!New homes & Teaching Moments

    Its funny how accustomed people get to big dogs.
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    One Fine Acre - Toggs and Alpines

    :thumbsup :weee:thumbsup
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    Getting Started - Searching for Land advice

    While my sheep love eating brush you might be asking for a headache when it comes to fleece quaility. Brush can really rip op a fleece or fill it with lots of VM. I would say with 8 acres you could do 25-30 o.k. but a lot of that depends on the pasture and plants. I wouldn't worry a whole lot...
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    New Electric Fence

    Just thought I would share our ewes enjoying the new electric fence. So far so good. Most of them have been zapped. Some of the cats and one dog thus far have learned about the fence as well.
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    BrownSheep- It's been a while

    Almost done with school! None of my finals are cummalative thank goodness! Thanks to that I'm not overly stressed about this up coming week. I'll be home Wednesday which I'm excited about. I need to get my sheep sheared, and my yaks combed, and so much more. One of my cousins is coming from...