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    Baymule’s Journal

    My DH always tells me that when I am mudding joints, to make sure it is really thin coats. There is less to sand off that way, lol!
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    rachels.haven's Journal

    Here in Wisconsin, you do not have to have No Trespassing Signs up for someone to be arrested for trespassing. But we have them up anyway.
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    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    When does hair stop growing? Is this really a thing? Does that include facial hair? Maybe I still have something in life to look forward to.
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    In Memory of Trip

    So sorry to hear about Trip. :hugs A fitting tribute to man's best friend.:hit They always take a bit of our hearts when they go. My sympathy for your loss.
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    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    Those Hello Dolly Bars sound wonderful! I wonder if those are the bars that show up at the church socials that I love so much. I'm too quiet/shy to ask who made them or what they were so I never got a recipe, but I love them!! Always grab a couple for myself. DH won't eat anything with...
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    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    Sorry to hear that Dooley didn't work out for you. :hugs Good to hear that he is on his way to a better situation.
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    Lol yet another fencing thread

    DH sets all of our wooden corner posts in concrete. He is not a woodworker per se, but he is an engineer. He uses a "H" brace system with and "x" of wire for the corners and gate posts.
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    Highland Meadows ~ Journal From The Very Beginning

    Wishing you great success with your new adventure!
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    Trailer Conversion

    How big is that? It looks like it might work
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    Just a hamster.

    I had hamsters when I was in college. They were not allowed of course. My best friend had the room next door and loved to come over and "steal" my hamster to help do her math homework - Calculus none the less. I don't know why, but somehow having the hamster crawling around helped her focus...
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    2020, Waiting on Lambs!

    Ours has air also, and heat lol. When we bought our first tractor, we lived out in Wyoming and needed something to clear snow from our 600' long driveway. One of our neighbors had a little tractor and would go and clear the other neighbors driveways for them. His didn't have a cab so he...
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    2020, Waiting on Lambs!

    How many of the windows open on that tractor? Our tractor with a cab has the 2 sides that open, plus the back window will open. It gets hot in there when parked in the sun like that, lol!
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    2020, Waiting on Lambs!

    Those pictures from the other day of the little brown lamb reminds me of the Ewoks from Star Wars, lol. So cute! I am really enjoying your photos
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    2020, Waiting on Lambs!

    That is a nice tractor! Pretty good size too. What Horsepower is it? I would submit the permit first, then start grading and graveling. No building until permit in hand. Is the permit from a County or Township? I find that the smaller government units usually take less time, unless it...
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    2020, Waiting on Lambs!

    We had 2 farms near us that had baby doll sheep in their front pastures during lambing season when we moved here. This is the second year that I don't see any sign of sheep. :hit It looks like they got out of sheep completely. I loved watching those little lambs running and jumping around,
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    Retirement Dreams

    You should be able to raise a couple steers (2) on a few (3-4) acres without stressing the pasture too much. You will need to do pasture maintenance of mowing down the stuff they won't eat and spreading the manure around some. By the science from the NRCS, you can raise 1 cow/calf unit for...
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    Meat guinea pigs (cuy)?

    They are talking about the guinea pigs - more of the Peru type, not the American Guinea hogs. The little fuzzy ones that kids have for pets. I have heard that they are raised for meat in south/central american countries. I think I would go with rabbits myself, but I was raised with rabbit as...
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    Canning BBQ shredded chicken

    I just use the last of my canned chicken last night for chicken enchiladas. I can the chicken plain, then add the sauce or seasonings when i want to use it. I am working on differnet sauces that I can "can" and have on the shelf for when I want a quick meal. So far, I have a Cherry Bourbon...
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    2020, Waiting on Lambs!

    I love the picture of the lamb in the bucket. :love It looks so content and happy to stay there.
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    Hello, I was just a lurker, now made it official and joined

    I will have fences all up and pastures laid out by the time I retire - which is only 8 years so I better get going. At retirement, I will have time to take care of more animals and enjoy them.