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  1. BrownSheep

    900 goat dairy farm

    I recently just read ( about a dairy farm nearby that has 900 goats and milks about 600 hundred of those. Just thought you goaties would be interested. I live in big dairy country but had no idea we had so many large dairy goat opperations.
  2. BrownSheep

    New Electric Fence

    Just thought I would share our ewes enjoying the new electric fence. So far so good. Most of them have been zapped. Some of the cats and one dog thus far have learned about the fence as well.
  3. BrownSheep

    A sheep chick

    I recently released a hen and her single chick out to free range. Since we have a wide variety of things that think a chick dinner would be great our chicks stay inside for the first little while. This chick is pretty much fully feathered and big enough our cats know it isn't a snack. So, out...
  4. BrownSheep

    The public and sheep

    The local news reported that sheep would be back in foothills starting tomorrow. I started reading the comments. While the majority were positive some of these people were just plain stupid! I don't think they realize that the ranchers pay thousands of dollars to graze the sheep on public...
  5. BrownSheep

    I don't hear a lot about Akbash

    I don't hear too much about Akbash on here. It is a pretty common LGD around here. I know they made up a good chunk of of the LGD's when my family still ranched.
  6. BrownSheep

    Not Dislocated, Broken

    So, Nosey the lamb is getting better. She even managed to walk a little bit today. Unfortunately, she also dislocated her hip. I managed to manuver it into place once but while I was tying the leg up it popped back out of place and I haven't managed to get it back in. Any suggestions? I think...
  7. BrownSheep

    Lamb down

    So, Nosie the lamb wasn't acting well yesterday. It took my dad to get her up. She went to nurse off of her mom who's udder looks like it might be prematurely drying up. She was given a bottle. This morning she was flat out on her side again. My dad got her sitting and went to get something...
  8. BrownSheep

    Does this ever happen to you

    It seems when ever I have to get up early I am unable to sleep. Right now I have a lab in 5 hours and I am litterally so hyper I could roll around on the floor like a five year old. I would go for a run but you know its 1:30 in the morning and I'm a chick...not a good move in the city.. I know...
  9. BrownSheep

    Has your spring sprung?

    I feel like it is pretty safe to say spring has sprung down here in southern Idaho. We've been in the 50's ( even 60's) the past 2 weeks. The crocus are blooming . The other bulbs are up. Meadowlarks are singing. I think we're there! It could just be a Februrary thaw but I hope it isn't the...
  10. BrownSheep

    Penguin LGDs

    Some creative thinking out in Australia!
  11. BrownSheep

    Cattle Rustling

    I don't know about in the East but in the West cattle rustling is still a big deal. Especially, since cows will get turned out onto pubic land in the summer and won't be gathered again until the fall or the onset of winter. This is another reason branding is a necessity in the West as well...
  12. BrownSheep

    What do you like to spin

    I know there are several members on here who spin. What fibers do you guys like spinning? What would you suggest for a beginner on a wheel? My sheep are Ramboulliet crosses so I imagine I'll mainly be spinning that.....Maybe a little bit of yak fiber if I ever collect enough or get them calm...
  13. BrownSheep

    Polar Vortex

    Is anybody else being hit by the polar vortex? Our highs have been at or below freezing all week. It is snowing now and we are expected to get up to 3 inches today. That's here at school. Its been much colder at home.
  14. BrownSheep

    Cast Iron

    I don't know a ton about cast iron. I have quite a bit of it and keep my eyes peel for cheap/old/good pieces. Today I picked this up at a flea market. Inside of lid Inside of the pot Bottom Anybody have any idea as to how to ID it?
  15. BrownSheep

    Local Working Breeds

    In Idaho we have a breed known as an Idaho Fuzzy or Shaggy dog. It's generally a cocktail of working breeds. Border Collies, Australian cattledogs, Shepherds, and Airedales for the most part. I'm curious who else has localized "breeds".
  16. BrownSheep

    Brown Sheeps 2015 Lambing

    Well, it looks like its that time a year again and everybody is putting up lambing threads so I might as well jump in. This year was a major fencing extravaganza at our farm. This included taking down the pasture the rams usually summer in. So, the rams have been hanging with the girls since...
  17. BrownSheep

    Calving season has begun!

    Well I was thinking we would be having yak babies from Late May through July but we have a little black baby in field. More later.
  18. BrownSheep

    Horse hair collars

    I have a bunch ( like close to 40-50) of antique horse hair collars. They are left over from when my grandfather had teams of horses to pull feed wagons and the sheep herders camps. Some are in great condition and could probably still be used. Some have a few small holes. Some are stiff. Some...
  19. BrownSheep

    Porter's Turkeys

    As if I needed further proof I am not like other girls my age I just dropped $200 on turkeys instead of clothes :D . Has anyone here received poults from Porters turkeys. I bought 20 of their assorted package so I'll be getting a surprise. I had no inclination of buying turkeys today, but I...
  20. BrownSheep

    Bizaar event

    Freckle is a ewe of mine who had two ewe lambs yesterday. A little odd since she was very large and we were thinking triplets but we put it off to her being a little chunky. She had been acting fine. No odd, alarming, or "ill" behavior. Tonight she gave birth to 3 more stillborn lambs. Any...