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    Problem with hooves/legs

    I am hoping someone can help me with the problem I am having with my pet goat. For a while his front legs seemed to bother him and it appeared as though his knees were a little swollen and painful. Then that seemed to clear up but his back legs started being a problem and now he walks with his...
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    What shots?

    Hello, my high school-age son just got 2 gilt piglets born January 9th for his 4-H project. They had their teeth done and two iron shots by the breeder before we got them. This is only our third year with pigs so I'm wondering what type of vaccinations we should give them. We live in mid...
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    Pig lice

    We just discovered my son's 4-H pigs have lice. they are not well behaved enough to tolerate a shot or thorough dusting or spraying. I have read hear that people recommend ivomec orally. Has anyone ever tried and had success with ivomec paste for horses? Any other tips tricks or cures would be...
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    Hello, new here with sheep/ goat

    Hello, I am new to this site and hope someone might have an answer to my sheep question. I have . We sheared my 4 yr year old "pet" ewe a couple days ago and discovered several lumps in various locations. Some very small and the largest about the size of a nickel and half an inch high. They...
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    So we sheared our 4 yr.old ewe today and she had several " zit " like bumps at various locations. Some were quite small, but one was as large as a nickel and a half inch tall. All had nasty black greasy gunk in them. They did not seem to bother her. I cleaned them all out with peroxide, then...