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  1. Ferguson K

    Flash sale!1 16"x20" sized wall art

    This weekend only! Sale ends Tuesday at midnight. Your choice 16"x20" : Wall prints only $10+S/H! Available in Lustre, Glossy, or Metallic. Your choice ready to hang canvas wrap, $70+ S/H Your choice wood or block print, $55+S/H Want more choices? PM me for more pictures out of select...
  2. Ferguson K

    Today, I am selfish... prayer request.

    Today, I am selfish. I am more worried about my cats routine surgery than the fire burning billions of acres. I am stressing over my store getting back into shape when thousands are without homes and their entire life burned to the ground. I do not care about politics. I do not care who wore...
  3. Ferguson K

    Just got my hands on some gorgeous alfalfa

    We have been buying 70 pound bales from the co-op in Bryan for $20. With winter coming the girls are eating a little bit more and it's a lot harder to get out there in the mud in the gunk to fill up the Hay feeders. After researching and asking around I came across this gentleman who has 3 foot...
  4. Ferguson K

    Is anyone following the fires?

    I've been watching the fires unroll. Today I watched a live feed as they loaded 6 trailers full of scared horses and rolled them out away from the fire zone. The amount of heat from those fires is unreal. Cars are melting. I hope no one is in the path of this. It's heart breaking.
  5. Ferguson K

    Tell me your vaccine schedule

    I am curious about the different schedules based on different areas of the country. For example: Someone up north would be more apt to giving a pneumonia shot than someone in the south, where as someone in the south would be more apt to worry about worm load. Tell me, what do you vaccinate for...
  6. Ferguson K

    Inexpensive housing

    Morning! I thought I would share with y'all our new recycled loafing sheds. The cattle panels were originally purchased three years ago. We have tons of them lying around, and tons of hog panels. The wire that was used to the there together was baling wire off of our bales of alfalfa. For...
  7. Ferguson K

    This is what he does when I'm at workwork

    My favorite is the first one of him and Anabelle. Thought I would share. He was supposed to be working on the house. Easily distracted by some pretty blondes and a little brunette! LOL
  8. Ferguson K

    Cobalt deficiency - thoughts?

    There has been a lot of chatter lately about thin goats and goats with white lids, we had the same problem with some recently. I'll go into more detail later. I recently stumbled upon a very knowledgable bet that has many years experience raising and dealing with goats. We talked in detail...
  9. Ferguson K

    ADGA paperwork issue

    Long story short, the buckling a bought a while back (ND) was tattoed when we got him, but she didn't submit his paperwork. I thoughtyou had to wait on the paperwork to comeback in to tattoo, but I may be wrong? They shot back his paperwork saying the tattoo belongs to another member, which is...
  10. Ferguson K

    Cute blind goat picking out a new harness

    ( PS: this is my store. These ladies are super sweet. )
  11. Ferguson K

    Let's talk tattoo guns

    I'm not positive but I'm fairly certain this is the a and style I lost in my moving around these last few years. I'm at a point now that I need another one. Tell me which guns do y'all use? Preferences for...
  12. Ferguson K

    Why worming is important

    We test and worm our animals religiously. We monitor, we prepare, we send fecals to the vet. Yet nothing could prepare us for what we found in our potbelly pens this morning.... this is from one sow, but now every animal on the property is suspect. Fecals at random will be taken and dropped off...
  13. Ferguson K

    Successful evening hunt - graphic pictures

    My husband and I like to take working vacations. We typically help my dad around ithe ranch, 6500 acres of deer and wild hogs, with bigger projects has been putting off. This week we've been spending the HOT (in the 100s) days working on the remodel of his house and the nights/mornings stalking...
  14. Ferguson K

    Septuplets, anyone else see this?

    Someone had a blessed day. Four does, three bucks. Talk about one proud doe!
  15. Ferguson K

    Cats and plants - show me your gardens

    Anyone else gardening this year? Frank, Gator, and Micki have decided to be super helpful. Between Gator on my shoulders, Frank digging out all the plans I just put in, and Micki attacking all of my tools, gardening this year has been a fun experience. Just this morning I was moving the...
  16. Ferguson K

    Scrapie tags and show goats?

    Those of you that show, do you apply your scrapie tags to your show animals? It's been a long time since I've been in a show ring. All of our boers always had tags. I don't see them in dairy animals. Am I missing them ooor are they not there?
  17. Ferguson K

    Oh, craigslist...

    In just want to know how they know he's going to throw "100% blue eyes no matter what! " He's a yearling.... Everything about this post if you read or over and over. .
  18. Ferguson K

    Debating the debate of debates... New pigs!

    I can't decide on what boar I like better. They're both show line hogs, good strong broad backs, about the same weight and size... No real differences in shoulder width or conformation. Here's the gilt they would be covering. Nicely muscled young lady but a little lacking in length: The...
  19. Ferguson K

    Ferguson K's kidding thread! - Morgan's turn

    Here we may have a little more fun. All of the does are expecting and I have no idea when!!! I'm a bad mom. I've been busy and didn't hand breed. The boys were introduced to the girls in early October. Early October for Prudence, Lilly, and Poppy. Late October for Aelia, Miss Red, Karma, and...
  20. Ferguson K

    Ferguson K's 2016 farrowing thread!

    This thread may not be very fun, I'm afraid. At the moment we only have two females bred. Rita, if she took on her first breeding, is due any day now. She's showing premature signs. Her little tests have started to enlarge and she's slowing on appetite. DH called me frantically to the pen...