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  1. animalmom

    How Full should an ND kid’s stomach be?

    From what I have read, never having had a new bottle baby, so take this with a grain of salt... I did get two wee girls at one time that were on the bottle, but I only had to bottle them for a couple weeks and at that point it was super easy. Feed no more than 20% of the kid's weight in any 24...
  2. animalmom

    Normal Goat Kid Sleep

    Short answer is every chance they get... when they are not running around, eating, chasing each other, bothering you or just watching the world go by. Your question is a good one. Kids nap when they feel like it. I like to nap after a good meal myself. Even adult goats won't sleep through...
  3. animalmom

    Y'all wanna hear a good one?

    Like your attitude, not the mud bath.
  4. animalmom

    Y'all wanna hear a good one?

    Like your attitude, not the mud bath.
  5. animalmom

    crickets or blister beetles?

    I don't know what a blister beetle is... guess I've never run across one. OK just read up on those bugs and then looked again at your picture. I'd go with you have crickets in the alfalfa. Bravo for the concern! You are a good sheep mom. From now on I will look closer at the dead bugs in my...
  6. animalmom

    Goat choke on alfalfa pellets

    How is your boy doing now? I this his first experience with pellets? Is he drinking water and acting more normal? Sometimes animals get a bit excited about feed and wolf it down and choke. Usually they work it out. What kind of goat is he?
  7. animalmom

    crickets or blister beetles?

    I occasionally find dried grasshoppers in my alfalfa bales. My goats apparently don't have any issues/problems/complaints about the alfalfa as the only sounds heard are chomping and chewing. Are your bugs still squishy or are they dried out? I don't think my goats would care for squishy...
  8. animalmom

    Welcome to Olady Coloured Corriedales

    Taint no such thing as too many pictures. Bring em on! Please and thank you.
  9. animalmom

    URGENT PLEASE: Nose Bleeding With Some Mucus/Pus, Lethargic & Fits - HELP PLEASE 🙏

    Yes they will do just fine with hay and grain for your absence. I'm sure they will miss you and will be glad to have you back home.
  10. animalmom

    kits and fireworks

    If your rabbitry is in your backyard and the fireworks are down the street then I don't think you will have a problem. Shooting off fireworks in your backyard may upset the rabbits, but down the street is probably safe. I find my rabbits pretty much ignore anything that is going on. I...
  11. animalmom

    (RESOLVED) Lump On Goat's Bottom Jaw Area?

    Great to hear... not that the wee boy got stung but rather you found out why the lump. Oh the joy of ownership!
  12. animalmom

    Emergency: Anemic Goat Need help fast

    Please keep us posted on how your girl is doing. Collective hug going your way.
  13. animalmom

    First time dealing with scours. What do I give him?

    How is the incredible Huck doing? Inquiring minds would appreciate an update on the youngster.
  14. animalmom

    Can goats get laryngitis????

    Regarding using the thermometer... no it does not go under the goat tongue. It is used anally, which is not as gross as it sounds. Restrain your goat, take your thermometer, dip it in petroleum jelly (vaseline) and gently insert the tip into her butt. HOLD ON TO THE THERMOMETER. If you are...
  15. animalmom

    Chickens among my goats

    I. have my extra roosters in with the goats and everyone does fine. The roosters get up on the goats and ride around. You need to make sure the goats can not, repeat can not get into the chicken feed as they will eat it and bloat. I have a corner of each goat pen that is fenced off from the...
  16. animalmom

    what color is my Nigerian Dwarf doe?

    She doesn't appear to have any of the features of the Chamoisee, which would give you room from bay to dark mahogany, and she doesn't appear to have any random markings, beyond her white poll so I think you are whittled down to the gold category which includes a red gold. If she were mine I'd...
  17. animalmom

    what color is my Nigerian Dwarf doe?

    I'd go with red gold. Does she have blue eyes? If so I'd include that in the description. I know it is difficult coming up with a clear, concise, short description and ADGA won't accept "very pretty girl". Sigh.
  18. animalmom

    HELP I'm wanting to know if my goat is pregnant. She has milk and has been having lots of discharge. Can anyone tell when she might be due?

    Please keep us informed on your girl. We are all hoping for a good outcome. Pictures are always welcomed!
  19. animalmom

    This question is for those of you who have chickens and goats

    I have had my extra roosters in the three pens with my goats. The only thing that worked for us was taking a stock panel and cutting it in thirds and removing a rooster size portion of the panel on the bottom. This is then wedged and wired into a corner of a goat pen. It bows out in the middle...
  20. animalmom

    New from Louisiana

    Here's another big howdy from Texas. We raise rabbits for meat. There are several here who do... some raise for pets or wool, so ask any questions you want and we'll get ya some answers. If you would put your general location on your profile. We don't need your address... unless you are...