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  1. animalmom

    What is this crochet stitch????

    Hey all you lovely crochet folk out there... what is this stitch? Yeah I shamelessly stole the picture from Pinterest and can not find any instruction, just the picture. It looks like the base is single crochet, chain 1, single crochet etc. But the second row has me perplexed. ANY help would...
  2. animalmom

    Help with bees, please

    I am not a bee person meaning I don't raise bees but we tolerate each other well enough. Our winter has bee rather mild and the bees are out but the flowers are not so I'm finding bees in my duck and geese feed dishes. It looks like they, the bees, are rolling around in the crumbles. I don't...
  3. animalmom


    We recently purchased a Nesco American Harvest dehydrator and so I wanted to ask you dehydrator folks how you use your machine, any tips, anything to avoid... in other words how to know and love dehydrating. We are also interested in doing fruit rolls and bought the special insert, so again any...
  4. animalmom

    Muscovy recipies

    Any of you out there cook muscovy duck? What is your favorite recipe? We butchered one of our extra drakes and thought he was tasty, like beef. However it was rather dry, but then again we found the roasting bag had a puncture in it. We didn't pull the feathers off instead we skinned the...
  5. animalmom

    Question on preserving eggs

    We are looking at non-electric ways to preserve eggs for when the ladies are not laying. The method we are focusing on is using hydrated lime (1 ounce by weight of hydrated lime to 1 quart of water, place eggs pointed end down). Anyone doing this? No matter how much we stir when mixing the...
  6. animalmom

    Car Chasing

    We have a German Shepherd puppy, male, 4 months old that had decided it is great fun to chase cars, pickup trucks, delivery trucks, milk tankers... well you get the idea. Who has some great ideas on how to stop this before I have a flattened dog? The DH is lobbying for chaining the pooch up...
  7. animalmom

    Fading Muscovies

    My Muscovies look terrible. Their feathers are not shiny and iridescent like they used to be, instead they look bleached out. They are active, breeding and setting on nests but not hatching any ducklings. Either the eggs are not fertile or for some reason the ducklings die in the egg. We...
  8. animalmom

    Bees and my peaches

    Hey there bee people, I'm trying to harvest my peaches and there are a lot, dozens of bees on some of the damaged fruit. I don't want to spray the bees and I don't want to get stung... but my peaches need picking. Any suggestions on how to deter the bees without hurting the bees?
  9. animalmom

    For your viewing delight

    Here is the latest addition to the herd: Nonnie! Born Wednesday the 25th, early (yawn) morning, weight 5.11 lbs. Nonnie and her mom Bonnie are doing fine. Nonnie had discovered she has springs in her legs!
  10. animalmom

    Are Muscovy Ducklings Sex-Linked?

    We have 8 Muscovy ducklings that hatched Wednesday and Thursday. Four are yellow with slightly darker tails and four are dark with yellow fronts. Here's a couple not so good pictures: Is there anything significant about the coloration on the ducklings? The hen is mostly dark, as you can...
  11. animalmom

    One of our own!

    Nah, this doesn't mean I have a LGD but rather that @BrendaMNgri who posts some really thought out answers regarding dogs has an article published in the current Dairy Goat Journal! The article is titled Raising Trustworthy Goat Guardians: Starting Right with Young Livestock Guardian Dogs...
  12. animalmom

    Animalmom's kidding thread 2017... All Done

    This year we have 4 does that seem to be on track for kidding the first and third week of April (Lord willing, creek don't rise). Bonnie and Goldie are up first. Both are due April 7. Bonnie (black and white) is a registered Nigerian and Goldie is 3/4 Nigerian and 1/4 La Mancha. Both will be...
  13. animalmom

    Happy Birthday!

    Semper Fi to all Marines out there: always a Marine, always a rifleman. God bless The Corps; may the Anchor and Globe fly freely and keep the Red, White and Blue safe.
  14. animalmom

    Onward Mighty Sheep!

    Always knew in the back of my wee brain that sheep wanted to take over the world.
  15. animalmom

    FDA taking antibiotics off the shelf 1/1/16 UPDATE AND FDA LINK

    Just read in this quarter's ADGA News and Events, that starting January 1, 2016 the FDA will make all antibiotics formerly available over the counter and make them prescription. This includes penicillin, tetracycline, stuff like Albon and Sulmet and udder infusions like Today and Tomorrow. It...
  16. animalmom

    Udderly EZ Milker parts for sale, North Central Texas

    For those who use the Udderly EZ hand milker, I have some extra parts: 5 handles 5 clips (that hold the bottle to the hand unit) 1 #2 inflation tube with the large and small inflation 1 #1 inflation tube with the small inflation 1 "O" ring 5 orange valves If you are interested I also have some...
  17. animalmom

    Mixing Minerals

    One of my wethers just went through UC, and is now doing quite well. I did the course of 7 days with ammonium chloride and am now thinking about just adding it to the loose minerals I feed. My understanding is the ratio is 1.5 lbs of the ammonium chloride to 25 lbs of loose minerals. Two...
  18. animalmom

    Mosquito Torpedoes

    I'm trying a new to me product this year in the water buckets for the animals. It is a mosquito torpedo, which unlike to mosquito dunks which float on the top of the water until they disintegrate, the torpedo sinks to the bottom. I've read the packaging, and this new products acts differently...
  19. animalmom rant

    Do any of you buy from Hoegger? Have you done so recently? I used to purchase a couple times a year from this outfit and was really pleased with the service. Often if I called to place an order I would get Ann, the owner, taking the order. Other times I just place the order through the...
  20. animalmom

    Blood in the urine

    I have a 5 year old, possibly bred (mid to late May due date), Nigerian/LaMancha cross doe who appears to have blood, or something dark, in her urine. She does not seem to be in pain. I took her temperature and it was 101.7. She is eating and lounging around pretty much as normal. I rubbed...