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  1. Childwanderer

    [Sold!] TX - Registered Gulf Coast Sheep Flock Liquidation - sheep and guard donkey

    I'm moving on to a different chapter in my life, and hope to find new stewards for my heritage breed sheep. I have one proven stud ram, two proven ewes, one yearling ewe who has not yet lambed, one 4-month old ram lamb with good breeding potential, and one affectionate and trustworthy livestock...
  2. Childwanderer

    Poisoning in young rabbit (probably buttercup/ranunculus)

    Two of our three rabbits are showing signs of poisoning. Lethargy, limpness, slightly labored breathing, and diarrhea. Initially I thought that the source of the poison was mistletoe since one of the rabbits was caught nibbling on some the night before last, but the rabbit who was caught with...
  3. Childwanderer

    TX - Gulf Coast Ram for Sale

    $450 LFF Ariestotle is the founding stud ram of Shamblewood. All of LFF Ariestotle's offspring have been polled and have demonstrated the heritability of his excellent temperament. GCSBA registration: GCA 03066 DOB: 01 Jan 2017 Sire: RCF George Jack Dam: LFF Carol Joanne Birth type: twin Full...
  4. Childwanderer

    Ewe lambed on December 4th, belly still big, intermittent vaginal bleeding

    My ewe Cherry (purchased pregnant in 2017, after having had at least one successful lambing. Thought to have been born in 2015.) gave birth to a healthy, big male singleton on December 4th. Ample milk, no problems noticed. However, her belly still seems very big, as though she were still...
  5. Childwanderer

    Unexplained intestinal cysts - Have you ever seen this before? (graphic picture)

    My yearling ewe had been spilling cud/leaving puddles of green drool, and had a sore on the corner of her mouth where the cud was leaking out. The shearers said it was most likely caused by an abscessed tooth. I took her to the vet, who looked at her and said that while she was missing a tooth...
  6. Childwanderer

    SOLD - Gulf Coast Native Yearling Ewe for Sale (Splendora, TX)

    This unregistered Gulf Coast Native ewe, "Thumbelina" (DOB 2/9/2020), has been exposed to our registered breeding ram, LFF Ariestotle GCA 3066, but has not yet shown signs of pregnancy/lambing. Her dam, "Banana," is registered as well, but was exposed by mistake to intact ram lambs at the time...
  7. Childwanderer

    SOLD - Gulf Coast Native Ewe and Lamb for Sale (Splendora, TX)

    The unregistered, Gulf Coast Native ewe ("Dido" DOB 2/10/2019) and her band-castrated lamb (DOB 12/28/2020) were both sired by LFF Ariestotle GCA 3066. Dido's dam was bred on Laughing Frog Farm in Hempstead, TX, but unregistered due to missing records. The ewe has been exposed to the same ram...
  8. Childwanderer

    Butchered my first wether; time to tan!

    I have a sheepskin salt-curing in the garage, hoping to tan it into a rug/couchspread with oxalic acid according to these instructions: My problems are figuring out the best place to buy the acid, and...
  9. Childwanderer

    Fiber Artists Near Houston? I have some brown alpaca fiber and several scoured fleeces worth of GCN sheep wool I need spun!

    Hello! I love knitting, felting, and dyeing, but I need lessons in spinning before I can make yarn that satisfies myself. Spring/shearing season is right around the corner, and I would like to get this fiber processed before I get any more wool in! I would like to take lessons in spinning, hire...
  10. Childwanderer

    TX - Gulf Coast Ram (no longer available)

    TX, near Houston. GCN intact ram born 1/31/2019 available for sale. Twin, polled, sired by a registered ram, pictured beside him below. This sweetheart (we call him Chesterton) loves chin-scratchings. His father is a good-tempered registered GCN who peaceably stays with the ewes year-round...
  11. Childwanderer

    43 Day old male ram lost circulation to tail

    TL;DR: is it dangerous to return full bloodflow to a swollen tail-tip that is constricted by mud? One of our ram lambs, born 1/31/2019, has a swollen tail tip with crusted mud, some blood, and clear oozing. I thought it was just mud/dung stuck to his tail, but I found that a tight ring of mud...
  12. Childwanderer


    Remember my runty ram that I wasn't sure would mature well? He has proved himself after all. His offspring by my prized ewe, Cherry, are doing well. The good mama needed no help at all except cleaning some lumpy poo off one of the twin boys.
  13. Childwanderer

    What Can Be Done with Gulf Coast Native Sheep Wool

    Happy New Year! I had three Gulf Coast Native Sheep sheared last year, and am still processing the wool. :oops: I am using Kookaburra Woolscour, Valkyrie brand Extra Fine combs, Ashford hand cards, and a drop spindle. It works, but I don't know enough about wool to sort the parts of the fleece...
  14. Childwanderer

    Selling a homestead?

    Is there a market for a small functioning-but-in-progress homestead in Texas? We are starting to steep the idea of relocating, but the improvements on our property are probably not the kind that appeal to general resident shoppers.
  15. Childwanderer

    Sheep eating elderberries?

    I have 4 Gulf Coast Native sheep currently on pasture with free choice minerals and salt, supplemented by hay in the evening. All but the 3-month-old ewe lamb (who nurses frequently but eats with the others, too) have soft stools. The manure has been slimy and green as well as dog-stool like...
  16. Childwanderer

    The Grow Network is looking for a Rabbit Keeper

    Hi, y'all! I'm on an email list for The Grow Network, an organization that shares back-to-nature and homesteading knowledge. They are currently looking for an experienced rabbit keeper to teach on video. If any of you are interested or know someone who may be interested, keep reading. From the...
  17. Childwanderer

    How long to wait between twins?

    My GCN ewe gave birth to a healthy ewe lamb sometime around half past 9 this morning. I've moved them to the barn. Mom/Cherry has eaten hay and drunk water. I offered her warm water with molasses, but she doesn't seem to like it. She is still fidgety and pawing the ground. I didn't get her...
  18. Childwanderer

    -Resolved- LAMB JUST BORN! HELP? Don't know if I should interfere; not really prepared for this

    My GCN ewe just gave birth, even though I THOUGHT she was due at the beginning of February. Her udder is roundish, but small and I'm concerned about the lamb getting enough milk. She seems to latch on and suckle for a moment, but mom turns and baby loses her grip. Mom is a bit flighty, and...
  19. Childwanderer

    Standard donkey barefoot trimming- What should I look for in a farrier?

    I recently acquired a gelded standard-sized donkey. We weren't planning to get a donkey, but he came as a seasoned livestock guardian with our sheep and now lives on soft, frequently moist pasture. I would like to keep his hooves healthy, but have never owned an equid and know next to nothing...