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    Another lessons learned! (Ouch #2)

    Thank you. I’ve learned something new today.
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    Another lessons learned! (Ouch #2)

    I know nothing about bee keeping, so forgive my question if it is a dumb one: for the ants, could you not use one of the granular insecticides that they carry back underground to kill the colony without impacting the bees?
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    Worst aspects of having goats?

    I don’t have goats yet, but the thing I’m steeling myself for is how prey animals like goats, chickens, etc., go from fine and healthy to dead so fast. In spite of knowing they act fine as a survival mechanism, I anticipate a certain amount of guilt for not seeing things or not being able to...
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    Field fence for goats?

    My fence guy recommended (and did) welded wire around my pasture. He and I discussed that I would have goats. He and his wife have goats, so he was familiar with their antics. He also put the posts only 10’ apart, rather than the 12’ you mention. I’ve talked with a breeder I will get goats from...
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    Propane Newbie

    Some recommendations: Get in the habit of checking your gas levels monthly. Propane tanks shouldn’t go below 30% filled. I think it has something to do with pressure needed to “push” the fuel to your appliance, but don’t quote me. I note my readings on my calendar on the first of each month...
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    Soap makers?

    At @Mini Horses suggestion, I checked websites for local stores (chain type, unfortunately). It looks like I can get supplies for a basic soap for under $30. Best part is quantities are sufficient to make a couple of batches. That just leaves figuring out proportions for milk soaps when the...
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    Soap makers?

    Thank you! No rush on the info; I need a few more equipment type things before I take the plunge. I’m relieved to hear much of the stuff can be found in local stores. Mail order is fine, but there’s nothing like instant gratification and opening packages as soon as you get home. 😉
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    Soap makers?

    Not a food recipe, but I missed the "miscellaneous" category. My project for this winter is to make my own soap. I've been reading/studying the process, so I'm pretty comfortable with tackling that part (cold process). I still need a few utensils and containers for handling. What I need now is...
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    Goat breed recommendations

    When researching breeds, I was looking for both meat and milk. My other criteria was something small/easy-going enough for me to handle on my own. I landed on Kinders for my breed of choice. They are a dual-purpose goat. Originally derived from a goat owner who crossed a Pygmy buck (meat) with...
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    Coming soon! Goats!

    I was referred here by the Back Yard Chickens gang. No herd critters yet, but that’s because I still need a barn to shelter them from predators at night. Once I have the barn on place, I’ll be adding Kinder goats to my little slice of heaven. When that happens, I’m sure I’ll be much more pesky...