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  1. goatboy1973

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Calfee Farms "Twix" a 100% Morefield Spanish doe (our herd queen).
  2. goatboy1973

    Our Newest Spanish Goat Herdsire

    I will do that. I will go ahead and get that going and get some pics of my big ole pregnant does waddling around right now that are only halfway through their pregnancy and take everyone right through birth and all the way through to weaning and when they leave the farm. Great idea Baymule!
  3. goatboy1973

    Our Newest Spanish Goat Herdsire

    Thanks everyone! I have 2 Spanish does marked up just like him that I am going to breed him to next year. Can't wait to get little "Bayken Bits" outta him.
  4. goatboy1973

    How rare are Fiber Goats?

    I have a rare bloodline of Spanish Goat called "Morefield" Spanish goat. There's not more than 200 or so left and I have 10 of them. My herdsire is so rare that he has DNA saved in a rare heritage breed conservatory in Rhode Island and I purchased him from this conservatory and had him...
  5. goatboy1973

    Rare Spanish Goat Bloodline

    Both of these Morefield Spanish does have wattles and for that matter every one of our goats from this bloodline have wattles except one. Wattles are certainly not uncommon in the Spanish breed of goat and they are not a sign of dairy genetics whatsoever...our main herdsire "Zag" is an extreme...
  6. goatboy1973

    Rare Spanish Goat Bloodline

    This is "Snaggle", my other newest DNA Certified Morefield Spanish doe. Her and Amber both came from Ambush Farm in Ohio to our farm in Tennessee. Their rare genetics will help us build our line of Morefield as well as our general herd of Spanish Goats for years to come.
  7. goatboy1973

    Rare Spanish Goat Bloodline

    The Morefield Spanish bloodline is famous for its luxurious cashmere coat it puts on in the Fall and naturally sheds in late Spring.
  8. goatboy1973

    Rare Spanish Goat Bloodline

    This is "Amber" a DNA Certified Morefield Spanish doe. She is 3 years old and a great representative of a rare Spanish Goat bloodline, Morefield, named after their originators. We are very blessed to have stumbled upon this gal. :)
  9. goatboy1973

    Our Newest Spanish Goat Herdsire

    We welcomed "Webber Farms Bayken" to our farm as junior herdsire at Calfee Farms. He just completed quarantine and is residing with 2 senioritas that are already bred and in quarantine. "Bayken", pronounced like "bacon" is 100% Spanish out of Baylis Spanish and Kensing Spanish bloodlines hence...
  10. goatboy1973


    A geneticist once told me, "It is only inbreeding if linebreeding doesn't work". LOL! Seriously, a great great relative is not really that close. I would breed this mating but then breed those offspring to a completely unrelated buck. The higher the inbreeding coefficient, the greater the...
  11. goatboy1973

    Breeding/kidding season at sweet horizons

    Great looking goats! :-)
  12. goatboy1973

    Prayers Needed For Our Farm Matriarch

    Homesteaderwife, It has been so very difficult here on the farm seeing everything that mom has had her hands on and she is no longer here. Time heals all wounds though and we are all moving forward. It is a new normal now. Thanks so much for your prayers, thoughts, and kind words. God bless you!
  13. goatboy1973

    Weaning Nubians and when to separate buckling

    Georgia Girl, At a month old I wouldn't worry too much, but in a couple of months you either need to separate him from your does, castrate him, sell him, or use one of those aprons. I am not too familiar with the aprons, but saw a YouTube video showing one in use. Goats are very fertile...
  14. goatboy1973

    Put a face to a name! Please post your pic here!

    Beautiful family you got there urbanFarmer! Those pics belong in a magazine!
  15. goatboy1973

    Thoughts on using PT for fence posts (NG dairy goats)?

    Well, purposely or indirectly, those old poles are/ were contaminated and we have several still in the time no one knew about the PCB contamination and its effects on the environment, they just made excellent corner posts. I'm sure the phone company at the time didn't know any better...
  16. goatboy1973

    How do I find a short in dawn to dusk lights?

    You need a new photocell and while you are at it, go ahead and replace the bulbs. Just unplug the photocells and a bulb and take it with you to Lowe's or Home Depot and show it to someone in that department so that you get the correct replacement. I had the same problem and it was the photocell...
  17. goatboy1973

    Thoughts on using PT for fence posts (NG dairy goats)?

    Cedar trees make excellent fence posts as well. Our part of the US, East Tennessee, is plentiful with these trees. They are naturally insect and water resistant and the rule of thumb is, "The redder the better"! My grandpa and great grandpa taught me to find a tall straight cedar tree that is...