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  1. Cotton*wood

    Orange sheep pee?

    What does it mean when a ewe's pee is orange? (I only know because the snow drifted so high on the electric net fences that they're all shorted out, so I had to move the sheep into the duck yard, where I can see their pee.)
  2. Cotton*wood

    Feed & Parasite Qs

    Since I have my three ewe lambs in a stall in the barn while the ram is out in the pasture doing his business with all the ewes and almost yearling ewe lambs, I have some questions. It turns out that the two big round bales of hay I have stored in the garage from last winter are moldy just on...
  3. Cotton*wood

    Bred Too Young?

    What happens when sheep are bred too young? It seemed way too much trouble to separate out the three younger ewe lambs from the rest of the flock, especially for a whole month and a half. They're being rotationally grazed, and it's a lot of bother. I assumed (hoped) that the three young ones...
  4. Cotton*wood

    Storing round hay bales

    Hi-- What suggestions do people have for storing round hay bales outside? I am having four delivered this weekend, and do not have any indoor barn space. What has worked best for folks?
  5. Cotton*wood

    White Snakeroot

    I just recently found out that white snakeroot is extremely toxic to sheep. Does that mean I completely keep it out of their paddocks, or will they avoid it like other things that don't taste good, like snow-on-the-mountain and black walnut leaves? (They have PLENTY of grass and other yummy...
  6. Cotton*wood

    Tried to join months ago...

    ....but I never got the email confirmation. Finally made a new account with a different email, and it popped through immediately. I've been reading this forum all this time, but it will be nice to post. I am a new sheep owner, and it's quite a trip.