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  1. kstaven

    Do you miss the old BYH Logo?

    Just out of curiosity I had to ask.
  2. kstaven

    Merry christmas

    Happy holidays .... or how ever you chose to celebrate the season. From the staff at BYH.
  3. kstaven

    Concerning any eventual forum conversion.

    IF this forum converts to a newer platform: which may get forced in the future. There is now a MOBILE LIGHT BETA version of the BYC forum that would allow mobile access, ipad access etc. So by the time this forum converts life will be much easier for everyone on here...
  4. kstaven

    BYC Update

    Official Backyard Chickens BYC from FB Software Upgrade Update: Things are going well. If things continue on path, we think we'll be in a great spot for the morning rush! Thanks everybody for your patience. You can imagine how tricky it is to move 115,000 people and all their stuff (some of you...
  5. kstaven

    Must read for all members *Video added post 12*

    In case you haven't been over to BYC in a while you may be unaware that a new operating platform for BYC is being launched in two days. Check thread here . For the moment this forum will remain on this platform but in the coming months we will also be migrating to the new system. We will finally...
  6. kstaven

    Have a happy New Year

    Play safe, have fun, and may your new year be a good one.
  7. kstaven

    new x buckling

    Just born today Toggenburg Saanen cross
  8. kstaven

    Ear tags

    Well ... it looks like some of us may be going back to ear tagging goats in the near future. National goat identification program
  9. kstaven

    Continental Kennel Club

    In the future would people please do the moderators a big favor and list the above group as CoKC. People are assuming this is Canadian Kennel Club and taking great offense. I would rather not have to continue to defuse these situations.
  10. kstaven

    Cattle section

    In order to be more correct we have changed the forum titles from cows to cattle.
  11. kstaven

    Backyard bees

    How many bee keepers do we have out there? Langstroth or top bar?
  12. kstaven

    Free choice minerals.

    :barnie Had something happen I have never encountered. Just changed over to a better blend and what should have been at least a 3 week supply was consumed in 4 days.
  13. kstaven

    Kstaven - Being Creative

    Since I talked the boss into starting this section I guess I really should join in. 1. What state/province/country are you in and what is your climate like? BC, Canada Moderate short winter for Canada. No snow until late December and often cutting lawns by April. 2. How many...
  14. kstaven

    What am I?

    This little fella was adopted and we know he is half Nubian (mom was purebred). Now I have some suspicions as to what the other half is, but don't want to prejudice the experienced eyes here.
  15. kstaven

    Feed efficiency

    Have to ask since I have never been really involved with meat rabbits. Is there any type of meat rabbit that is noted for being more feed efficient?
  16. kstaven

    Animal chores

    Just out of curiosity: Is it the man or woman of the house that takes care of the animal chores or is it shared? Around here it is the man of the house because the wife deals with day to day business and some other dairy related jobs.
  17. kstaven


    Just thinking out loud tonight after getting together with a bunch of goat dairy people. Off and on I hear that Saanens are in the decline and less and less in the registries with ever narrowing genetic diversity. Then I go to a meeting and realize that between the dairies represented there are...
  18. kstaven

    For those who don't know where to begin.

    Your Journal MUST start with your username. For example: "Nifty - Here's my journal about my goats and cows!" When beginning your journal, or if you already have one, to make it interesting, here are some questions to get you started and keep our conversations interesting. This is the list...
  19. kstaven

    Need the members help

    Up until recent history the FAQ section has been neglected. So if in your travels on the forum you come across good informational threads please post them here. I would like to get a list going there so we can refer new folks to existing threads that have good information and many times...
  20. kstaven

    Goats don't like water????????

    Well ... they never met Amanda!