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  1. goatboy1973

    Our Newest Spanish Goat Herdsire

    We welcomed "Webber Farms Bayken" to our farm as junior herdsire at Calfee Farms. He just completed quarantine and is residing with 2 senioritas that are already bred and in quarantine. "Bayken", pronounced like "bacon" is 100% Spanish out of Baylis Spanish and Kensing Spanish bloodlines hence...
  2. goatboy1973

    Prayers Needed For Our Farm Matriarch

    The matriarch of Calfee Farms, Rebecca Calfee, was just given a diagnosis of terminal liver and metastatic spinal cancer. Mom/ Becky is still with us but she'll be transitioning soon. This beautiful angel, amazing mother of 3 loving boys, "Gram" to a whole herd of grand kids, sister, devoted...
  3. goatboy1973

    Rotational Grazing With Spanish Goats

    Our Spanish Goats out on new Spring pasture. These kids were born right out on pasture and therefore learn how to find their food at an early age. Most of the adult goats were also born/ raised on pasture. Our goats are currently shedding their winter cashmere coat in favor of a slick short...
  4. goatboy1973

    ***GRAPHIC IMAGES*** Dead Predator...Dead Goat.

    Today I was walking the fences as I always do and found a prized 9 month old Spanish doe that had been caught in the fence and looks like this fox and possibly a coyote had disemboweled her and ripped some of her limbs off. We managed to kill a fox and will use the goat and fox remains as coyote...
  5. goatboy1973

    Bucks...with the does year round or only for a select time?

    Does your buck stay with his doe herd year round or do you have a specific time of the year he goes out with them?
  6. goatboy1973

    First Annual East Tennessee Spanish Goat Auction

    Calfee Farms in Corryton, TN in conjunction with Brissont Farms Spanish Goats is in the infancy stages of planning a 100% Heritage Spanish Goat Herd Sire Classic Sale in Fall/ Winter 2019. We are putting together a great group of bucklings that will be breeding age by sale time. These goats are...
  7. goatboy1973

    E. TN- 100% Spanish Buck For Sale

    I have for sale a 100% Spanish buck. He was born 7-1-2017 and is a twin. He is red in color and is vaccinated, dewormed, hooves trimmed, and ready for his own herd of does. If you want to add some meat, parasite resistance, and have less hoof problems this guy will get the job done! Your 1st kid...
  8. goatboy1973

    East Tennessee

    We are located in Corryton, TN which is about 10 minutes North East of Knoxville. We raise Spanish Goats in the hills of East Tennessee that we had shipped from Texas. These goats are very fertile, tough as nails, and produce a very pleasant flavored meat and boy can they clear some brush. Visit...
  9. goatboy1973

    Spring 2015 Kids (some of them)

    This is a sample of our Commercial kid crop for Spring 2015 (the ones that I have vaccinated and ear tagged thus far). Pic #1 is a 7/8 Spanish 1/8 Kiko buckling. Pic #2 is a 3/4 Spanish & 1/4 Kiko. Pic #3 is a Koy Spanish and a Koy/ Sawyer Spanish. Pic #4 is twin does out of a Kiko momma and our...
  10. goatboy1973

    Goat Handling Equipment

    I have had a few out of town customers, friends, and out of town family ask that I post a few pics of our goat handling facility (as simple and partially homemade as it is). It is nothing but a simple pole barn constructed by my 2 brothers and a nephew, a goat headgate/ squeeze chute, and...
  11. goatboy1973

    Spring Round-Up

    BEAUTIFUL day @ Calfee Farms!!! We still have 2 Spanubian does left to kid. All kids got their 1st round of vaccinations, USDA Scrapie tags, and Calfee Farms ID tags. I also got a few of our new momma goats their bi- annual hoof trim, deworming, copper supplement capsule, and yearly CD&T booster...
  12. goatboy1973


    Calfee Farms has officially entered into kidding season! We had a set of twins born yesterday, a set born today and another single yesterday. All kids are sired by our Spanish sire "Zorro". So far we have had more colors than a bag of Skittles. LOL!!! Still got potentially 22+ kids coming over...
  13. goatboy1973

    Spanish X Kiko (Spaniko) Goats

    I finally got some pictures of a few does from our experimental breed we are creating. We call this breed "Spaniko". I have some does that are a result of breeding my old Sawyer Spanish herdsire "Nacho" and some pure Kiko does. These does are HUGE compared to their littermates of pure Spanish...
  14. goatboy1973

    Llama And Donkey Together as Guardians

    I currently have a 5 yr old intact male Llama who is an excellent guardian for my herd of pure and commercial Spanish goats. He is the perfect gentleman and even helps clean off newborn kids and stands guard when a doe is giving birth. A neighbor of ours has some Alpine goats that she just sold...