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  1. JonesLaneHomestead

    Can goats get laryngitis????

    This may seem like a weird question..... One of my goats started losing her voice. I was out of town over the weekend and when I got back, I noticed her calls were very quiet but rough (she is by far my loudest goat:idunno). My brother said he had noticed she would cough, but I haven't heard...
  2. JonesLaneHomestead

    Weird Rash on Goat's Leg

    Hello. So I am in Tennessee and in the last few days, we have had buckets of rain dumped on us. I have two goats, who have a covered shelter, but the rain blew in the last day and got everything wet. I believe my mama goat might have lice and/or mites, so she is has patchy fur (if anyone...
  3. JonesLaneHomestead

    Calf With Swollen Cheek

    Hello, I am new and this is my first time posting, so please forgive me if I have put this in the wrong section. I have a little South Poll calf that I am taking care of for my sister and her husband. He was rejected at some point. They found him last Wednesday. So we are not sure if he got...