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  1. ragdollcatlady

    Housing for goats in freezing weather

    Ok guys and gals, I need advice from seasoned pros here. I have never done more than visit a little snow on the ground, but I am anticipating moving to Alaska and I desperately need ideas and advice on housing my goats safely against the freezing weather. What kind of barn or shelter would be...
  2. ragdollcatlady

    Little Patch of Weeds 2014 Kidding countdown!

    I guess I should start a thread as Mr Stork ought to be just around the corner.... If my calculations are correct, we may have kids as early as January 17th! Eeek! I have yet to set up the garage pen (it is on the list of chores for tomorrow!) Sorry I don't have any current pics, but our...
  3. ragdollcatlady

    Pizza Casserole

    I just have to share this recipe. I call it Pizza Casserole. I was trying to come up with a way to use up left over garlic bread. We love it and use a lot of it, but once it is refrigerated, it gets too hard to use/eat again. I prefer to use real butter, fresh garlic and seasonings so it is...
  4. ragdollcatlady

    Baby Sebastopol goose and her pet silkie chick, Central California

    I have one baby sebastopol goose and her pet silkie chick available to a loving home. The little goose was hatched in the incubator and is sure she is a people! Her pet silkie is included with her to be sure she won't be lonely. They snuggle at night and keep each other company during the day. I...
  5. ragdollcatlady

    How do I trim my boers hooves?

    I am trying to find out how to trim Andy's (my Boer buck) hooves. I trim the NDs hooves with a small pair of hoof clippers but the last time I did Andy's, the clippers nearly broke, the blades were separating, and I hurt my hand. I ended up with blisters. :/ I know in pics of some show boers...
  6. ragdollcatlady

    Registered Nigerian Dwarves in Central California

    I have decided to sell 2 of my Registered Nigerian Dwarves. I have a beautiful chocolate brown with a tiny bit of white, doe (possibly bred). $300.00 She was my favorite from last years babies, with her nice straight topline and friendly personality. She is out of my best doe ( SLY...
  7. ragdollcatlady

    Ragdollcatlady's Just a Little Patch of Weeds Farm journal

    I am afraid the list of questions is just a little intimidating...... So I'll just start with a little bit about me. I am 30 with 5 years of experience...and I will be 30 again this year. I just add years of experience see. That way I get to be 30 for always. I happen to like this age because I...
  8. ragdollcatlady

    Homemade ravioli

    I am so excited...I just made homemade from scratch...ravioli....and they were great! They are really, super easy. Not nearly as intimidating as I originally thought they were! I have only made them 3 times before...the first was mostly a flop and we turned them into a casserole. Then I found...
  9. ragdollcatlady

    Just a Little Patch of Weeds Farm 2013 Kidding Thread

    Just a Little Patch of Weeds Farm 2013 Kidding Thread Three of my Nigerians are looking bred so here is the plan for the start of our year: Kalamity Jane is scheduled to be at day 145 on February 14th so I am hoping for Valentines day babies! Reeses P Buttercup is down for day 145 on...
  10. ragdollcatlady

    GMOs and the consequences

    I just want to share....If anyone is interested in the GMO issues with our food crops and the consequences from growing and using them, the movie Genetic Roulette is still available for online viewing for free for another week, until the election.... I...
  11. ragdollcatlady

    Blue eyed, black Nigerian Buck for sale Hanford, CA

    Buck Naked is currently registered with AGS and I requested a transfer to register with ADGA but haven't had time to send it in yet... :hide He is Black with random white, frosted ears and blue eyes, disbudded but does have scurs. He produced 3 doelings this last year, 2 had blue eyes. I...
  12. ragdollcatlady

    Feeding for optimal growth for my Boer buckling

    Now that I have Andy, I need advice from meat goat breeders please. He is pretty good sized at 8 months, but he is too lean for my comfort, I can see a little sunkenness below his spine and feel his ribs (you can't see them because of his million dollar coat of many colors :cool: ) I would rate...
  13. ragdollcatlady

    I think I'm seeing spots....

    I think I'm dizzy! I'm seeing spots!......Maybe I am just getting old :old .... Nope! I definitely see spots!!!! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! :lol:
  14. ragdollcatlady

    Lookie what I got!

    My new baby buck! I am so in hot water right now!!!!!! :hide
  15. ragdollcatlady

    Reeses delivered some candy today!

    Reeses P Buttercup had twin doelings today! I can't remember how to post more pics so I gotta set this one down and run back for more!.... Be right back......... OK I'm back, Got one more, pic of mom.