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  1. Bruce

    For all you bunny people - Red Skelton

    Go to Minute 5:50 (unless like me you are a fan of Skelton ;) ) I couldn't figure out how to link it starting at a specific time.
  2. Bruce

    Glowing eyes, take two

    When I would go out at night to see Merlin (Great Pyrenees) and had my headlamp on, I knew if he was between the barns by the bright glow of 2 yellowish green eyes long before I could see any part of his body. No eyes, no dog. With my small flashlight, I could spot him 150' away. My wife and I...
  3. Bruce

    Goat farming, the 10th highest thriving industry in America

    10. Goat farming > Employment growth 2006-2015: 92.2% > Employment total: 517 > Wage growth 2006-2015: 29.0% > Avg. annual wage: $29,422 Growth in goat farming, like in several other growing U.S. industries, is being driven by the increasing ethnic diversity within the country. Goat meat and...
  4. Bruce

    Play ball!!!!

    No one told me GPs like to play with balls! Now before anyone gets into "LGDs are guard dogs, not 'go fetch' dogs", I did NOT buy him a ball and try to get him to play with me. He chose to stay out in the snow this morning while I was working in the barn. I looked out the window and he was...
  5. Bruce

    GOOD winter boot suggestions?

    I used to be OK when I was working and only needed to keep my feet warm between the house and the car, the car and the office. But now I have lots of outside things I need to do and can't just wait until spring!! I have had no luck with the boots I have purchased in the past. They don't last...
  6. Bruce

    Hot wire fence in snow country

    I ask about this because at this point I will have to use hotwire on the north section of my fencing project (~120'). I ASSUME that having snow deep enough to bury a hot wire will not be a good thing. In fact it may short out the entire system, right? Do I need to design it such that I can...
  7. Bruce

    Fence post bracing

    I am working on fencing this: The NW corner has to be a floating brace as described by @greybeard since I hit ledge at 2' down (going to have to concrete the corner post and make sturdy floating braces both directions). My question relates to the area at the bottom, in the middle. I can't run...
  8. Bruce

    6.5' Tposts - 4' fence hotwire at 5' - opinions please

    Hi all, last week I bought 30 7' T-posts from TSC. I started putting them in today (finally stopped raining for a couple of days) and after the 16th (yeah I'm slow) I think they are all 6.5' posts. Checked the receipt, yep I paid for 7' posts. Planned: 7' T-posts 2' in the ground (2.5 would be...
  9. Bruce

    yellow dung fly

    Having found nothing with the search forums tool: Got two 5-6 Y/O gelded Alpacas 3 weeks ago. Noticed flies in their outside dung pile that I've never noticed before. Probably because the only outside animals I've had are chickens. Determined to be: Scathophaga stercoraria, commonly known as...
  10. Bruce

    Bruce's Journal

    Not sure what all I'll put here but @Latestarter asked about a post mentioning my alpacas (news to his busy self) so I figured I would start a journal for random info. Some history first. DD1 has had a 24x7x365 migraine since 2007. It is aggravated by loud noises, man made fragrances etc. Our...
  11. Bruce

    How smart are Alpacas?

    I will soon be getting 2 gelded alpacas, 5 or 6 years old. I would like them to be able to go outside anytime they want year round. It gets cold, windy and snowy in the winter here. I can't leave a door open from the alley or the barn will fill with snow and the chickens (coop about middle of...