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  1. Kettle Creek Cattle

    Newborn calf!!

    Hello all, Been a while since I've been on here, but I got some goos new! My Hereford mama finally had her calf, a little heifer! This is her 2nd calf. She's a great mom too. As soon as she had her she got right to work and was right up cleaning her off. Calf was up within 20 or 30 minutes...
  2. Kettle Creek Cattle

    How much grain to feed daily?

    Hello all! Hope everyone had a good holiday season! My question to the group those who feed grain to their cows, how much do you feed daily? I'm not looking to push any steers or anything, just a good daily maintenance amount (free choice hay 24/7 of course). I have 5 cows total, one...
  3. Kettle Creek Cattle

    First bottle calf ever journal

    Following the advice of some of the experienced members on here...I'm starting a journal on my first attempt at raising a bottle calf!
  4. Kettle Creek Cattle

    Opinions, advice?

    Hello all! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I'm posting a picture of my first bottle calf to get some of you experts opinions. She is an angus holstein cross and she is 7 weeks old. Am I doing ok with her? Is she too skinny, too fat? Does her hair coat look ok. Overall, does she look...
  5. Kettle Creek Cattle

    Calf Manna feed

    Merry Christmas everyone! Anyone ever feed calf manna feed to a bottle calf? I know the name of the feed has "calf" in it, but I looked up the protein content of the feed and its listed at 25%! Is this good to feed to a bottle calf (6 weeks old)? I normally feed purina precon but the feed...
  6. Kettle Creek Cattle

    Weaning question

    Ok farmerjan I'm back with another question. My calf is doing beyond better now. On Christmas eve she will be 6 weeks old. She's now eating hay and around 1.5 pounds of starter. Should I be thinking about getting her off the bottle, or just keep giving the 2 bottles plus all the hay and starter...
  7. Kettle Creek Cattle

    Cattle cross question

    I'm a long way away from this yet but I'm looking for some of that long time knowledge and experience. I'm currently raising a holstein/angus heifer bottle calf. I was thinking about growing her out and breeding her with my purebred Hereford bull. Would the resulting calves make good beef...
  8. Kettle Creek Cattle

    Bottle calves and water

    Good evening all, Question for all you cattle minded people. Currently raising a bottle calf. She's going on 6 weeks old. Everything about her seems a ok. She gets 2 bottles a day with the exception of the past few days, she's been getting an extra quart at night cause its been down in the...
  9. Kettle Creek Cattle

    When can I turn a bottle calf out to pasture

    Hello all, Being as though I'm new to raising a bottle calf, only ever raising feeders, I was wondering when I could put my calf out to pasture with the rest of my herd? Currently I have a 2 year old pregnant momma (Hereford), a 1 year old Hereford bull, 2 spring calves ( about 450 - 500lbs)...
  10. Kettle Creek Cattle

    Bottle calf feeding question

    Good day all, I have an angus/holstein heifer calf, shes a little over a month old. She's obviously still on a bottle. I offer calf starter pellets free choice as well. My question it ok to offer her some chopped alfalfa along with her calf starter? I threw a handful in her bowl today...
  11. Kettle Creek Cattle

    New to raising calves.....HELP!

    I'm new to the site and just realized that I made this post in the new member introduction thread so I'm posting it here again so it hopefully catches someone's eye: Good day all! I'm hoping someone with wayyy more experience raising calves will chime in and help me out! I recently aquired two...
  12. Kettle Creek Cattle

    New to calf raising....HELP!

    Good day all! I'm hoping someone with wayyy more experience raising calves will chime in and help me out! I recently aquired two bottle calves, a holstein bull and a holstein/angus cross heifer. They were both born on 11-12-20. They came from the same farm and the farmer assured me they both...
  13. Kettle Creek Cattle

    Thanks for having me!

    Hello all! Been a long time lurker of the site and have gotten a wealth of information from it so thanks for that! Finally took the plunge and joined! Thanks for having me!