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  1. Wandercreek

    Bee newbie

    I know this is probably the most basic of basic questions, do you get bees to move into a hive? I noticed a ton of bees working the bull nettle patches in my back pasture the other day and it got me to wondering whether I could use them to start a hive. I have one of The Flow hives...
  2. Wandercreek

    I may be doing this all wrong...

    I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I know nothing about feeding goats. I have 3 Boers, all retired show goats. Ages 2 years (wether), 4 years (wether), and 4 years (doe? nanny?--I don't know the correct term). Their sole purpose is to be farm ornaments and sporadic fence line trimmers. We...
  3. Wandercreek

    Following the trail of BYC'ers..

    Hey all, Just came over from BYC to check the place out. I have 3 goofy Boer's, though I'm not certain that qualifies as a herd... The 100+ chickens I have sound like a herd when it's feeding time, so maybe that's my qualifier. :hu