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  1. JRod

    Idaho Pastured Pigs

    New farmers here, we’ll, full time I am still a trucker for now, but that’s paying for the 31 acres we bought last year. So far we have 2 bottle calves, 2 rabbits for 4H, 2 puppies (Great Pyr and Pyr/chocolate lab mix), 2 cats, 2 10 year old kids, and 37 laying hens plus 4 roosters! Wife has...
  2. JRod

    NW Missouri new farmers

    Howdy y’all, New farmers sorta here in Harrison County, MO. Bought 31 acres last year and escaped the big city with my wife and twins. We love small town life and are starting to accumulate animals now. First was the two cats we brought with us from Kansas City (and they love our new place...