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  1. Rustic Green Acres

    What breed of goats do I have?!

    I got some goats this summer and I haven't been able to figure out what breed they are. White one is the grandma Black one is the daughter/mom Little black & white one is the brother, he has quite long hair. Little black & brown one is the sister
  2. Rustic Green Acres

    Can loud noises cause a cows milk to go off?

    We recently got a milking calf, and our neighbour likes to run his loud vehicles early in the morning. He said the last owners complained, about their cows milk curdling because of the noise. Is this a real thing?
  3. Rustic Green Acres

    Breeding a small Boar with big Sows

    Anyone tried cross breeding Kunekune and Berkshire? Are they able to do the deed naturally or do they need assistance? We are needing a new boar and we'd like to get into Kunekunes. Our Berk girls are really good sows, so we don't really want to get rid of them quite yet.
  4. Rustic Green Acres

    First time goat owner

    We are going to be getting 2 young Nubian cross goats, around 2 months old. This is our first time getting goats, have had lots of animal just never goats. What are some key things to be aware of? we are thinking of putting them on a grassy patch, do we need to worry about over grazing? What...
  5. Rustic Green Acres

    Will these work for banding a goat?

    We are getting two 2 month old goats, one is a male so we want to band him. Will these calf elastics work? They seem to be the same size as the ones I can find online, they measure 6mm on the inside.
  6. Rustic Green Acres

    Price for goats?

    Hi, I am new to the goat world. I am wanting to get some goats soon here. what is a good price for them? I have someone local who is selling a 2y old saanen x boar doe and her 2 kid bucks, all for $650 is that a fair price?
  7. Rustic Green Acres

    Boar gone berserk!

    The farmers we bought our boar from had there boar go crazy, during mating with a sow. As far as I understand she fell down while he was on her and it sent him in to a rage, they had to beat him off of her with a broom. Sadly they had to put her down. Has anyone heard of a boar going mad like...
  8. Rustic Green Acres

    Any tips on how to tell if your pig is pregnant?

    New pig owners/breeders here. Any tips on how to tell if your pig is pregnant? We have 2 Berkshire gilts in with a boar, we think they are pregnant but we're not sure.
  9. Rustic Green Acres

    Barn lime with pigs

    Can you use Barn lime with pigs?
  10. Rustic Green Acres

    New farmer.

    My family just bought a run down hobby farm, So we are frailly new to farming. We have had a few different farm animals over the years, horses here, chickens there. Now we can finally be a proper farm! :celebrate I look forward to asking lots of questions and maybe answering some if I can.