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  1. greenbean

    Silly Goats... around the farm

    They're adorable Southern!
  2. greenbean

    Picture of the crew

    They're all beautiful! I love Taffy's color though! Do you have a problem with them eating the bark off your trees or killing your trees?
  3. greenbean

    One Fine Acre Breeding thread

    They're lovely! :D I can't wait to see their kids.
  4. greenbean

    Hello From NC!

    Welcome to BYH! :) I'm from Lenoir, NC.
  5. greenbean

    Feeding Practices ~ Cattle

    Western NC, USA Jersey and Holstein X - 1 Jersey heifer that will become our future milk cow, 3 Jersey steers that are going in the freezer at the end of the month, and 2 Holstein X heifers that will either be sold bred for future milk cows or if they turn out to be freemartins, will be...
  6. greenbean

    "Minnie" blurb (Pup #3) PICS!!!

    Awww! They are so cute Southern! I want the one in the first picture on page 4. :D
  7. greenbean


    Does anyone know how to treat mastitis in a rabbit? This is the first time I've had to deal with it in rabbits. Her litter is only about a week old. It's only two of her teats that are infected. Any information would help. :)
  8. greenbean

    greenbean's Journal - Kit Pictures

    Well these are the only pictures I got before my camera died, and I don't have any batteries so this'll have to do! :D This is the new litter, there are 4 spotted and 3 solids. The one I thought was blue got darker so now I'm guessing they're all black!
  9. greenbean

    greenbean's Journal - Kit Pictures

    You know I just did that to mess with yall ;) Jk! Anyway, I took pictures with my cell phone but lost my sd card adapter thing so I'll have to retake them with my camera. It's nice out today so I'll go ahead and do that.
  10. greenbean

    greenbean's Journal - Kit Pictures

    Well I havn't posted on here in a while so I figured I'd give an update! All the animals are doing great. The rabbits kits are now weaned and still growing like weeds. I'm keeping 3 does to add to my meat herd (one will be used for show). The rest are all for sale. Today I had another...
  11. greenbean

    Milking and Training Questions

    Thanks guys :)
  12. greenbean

    Milking and Training Questions

    Hey guys, so I have some questions and wasn't quite sure where to post them. How hard is it to halter train sheep? Do I train them to use a milk stand (like a goats milk stand) or ? If so, how do I train them to a milk stand? Is the udder care the same or similar to that of a goat? (Like...
  13. greenbean

    greenbean's Journal - Kit Pictures

    I was thinking about doing that, but my concern is my little dog, Laci. I definitely do not want her to get hurt by it, she's smaller than my chickens! :lol: She follows me out there whenever I'm doing something and sniffs around. I found a design for hanging cages that I'd be able to turn...
  14. greenbean

    greenbean's Journal - Kit Pictures

    Thanks yall :D Unfortunately one of the spotted kits somehow got caught behind the nestbox and squished to death the other night. Everyone else are growing and getting huge except the little solid kit, it's still the same size. I'm going to get a new battery for my scale and start weighing...
  15. greenbean

    How many generations to include in pedigree (if less than all)?

    A 4 generation pedigree is what's normally used. :) As for programs, I use kintraks, however I bought it, I'm not sure about any free programs.
  16. greenbean

    Question for thought

    The reason I don't give mine any sooner than I already do, is because they start using them as litterboxes and I can't get them to stop. Even after they have their kits. :/ I do have a hutch with the nestbox built in and I had to close it off to every rabbit I've had in it, because they use...
  17. greenbean

    greenbean's Journal - Kit Pictures

    Thanks yall! :D Coco where are your pictures!? Pearce, you can blame me! :lol: Do you have pictures of it? My uncle came out and took care of the raccoon, I cried when he was on his way out here lol. There was nothing in the trap this morning, the dogs havn't been coming around until...
  18. greenbean

    greenbean's Journal - Kit Pictures

    Here are some pictures of the American kits. Well the colors have now been determined. 2 Gold Tipped Steels, 2 Blacks, 2 Whites, and 1 Blue. Here are some of the English Spot X kits :D The poor little solid kit is so tiny compared to its littermates.