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  1. madcow

    Play or bad behavior?

    She's adorable! As babsbag said I certainly wouldn't do anything to encourage the behavior. Two different things you can do to discourage her and get her attention is 1.) Lightly thump her on the nose to let her know that isn't acceptable behavior every time she does something that you don't...
  2. madcow

    Looks like Brownie may kid today.

    I have my herd queen pygmy doe, Trixie, who is heavily pregnant at this time. I have no idea when she's due, but she's a much better mother in taking care of her kids when she delivers and I'm not too worried about her delivering. Brownie just isn't a good mother. She did nothing to clean...
  3. madcow

    Looks like Brownie may kid today.

    Well, the worst outcome, she had 2 little doelings and lost both of them. The last time I checked on Brownie I found her with one baby already dead and the second one barely breathing. She had made no attempt to clean either of them up. I called my neighbor to come and help me keep the one...
  4. madcow

    NEW method to disbud a baby goat

    OMG, that's terrible! Looks like it was painful afterwards too! Definitely not the way to go in my book.
  5. madcow

    Looks like Brownie may kid today.

    Well, sorry to keep everyone hanging on, but she still hasn't done anything yet! She's had lots of goo all day and still has some and it's gradually getting darker in color, but nothing to be concerned about yet. She's taking her sweet time about this, but isn't that the way goats are? Her...
  6. madcow

    Looks like Brownie may kid today.

    I will, with pictures of the little ones! She's definitely exhibiting getting ready for kidding behavior. She's standing off to herself, but out in the open. If I remember right, when she kidded the first time she stayed out in the open instead of seeking the shelter. We will see if she...
  7. madcow

    Looks like Brownie may kid today.

    Check out this udder boom! And the mucus. She's lying down with her mother out there right now. These will be our first kids of the season. I only have 1 other doe out there that I think is pregnant and I have no idea when she's due. This is Brownie's second freshening, so she should do...
  8. madcow

    How do I know if she is bred?

    Oh wow, how wonderful to know how many they will both have! Congratulations!
  9. madcow

    Newly pregnant doe nursing

    I agree with Southern, she will most likely kick the grown freeloader off at some point, but that doesn't mean that he will give up entirely at attempting to nurse. My herd queen's first grown buckling would always take every opportunity to nurse from his mother with any subsequent freshening...
  10. madcow

    Goat who thinks she's a chipmunk...

    My 4-year-old Pygmy herd queen Trixie made a trip to the vet yesterday. She was standing around holding her mouth open and on the left side of her jaw she had a bulging area. She acted normal in every other way. Being a worried goat mom as soon as Bruce got home from work we loaded her up and...
  11. madcow

    Missy Finally Had her kid

    He's a handsome little guy! :weee
  12. madcow


    Best: Never start something you don't want to do for the rest of your life!
  13. madcow

    Feeder Pigs

    Sounds like one heck of an adventure in the Lone Star State for sure! I know what you mean about the mud goo poo in the pig pen, because we too live in Texas and have experienced all the rain, of which more is coming beginning tomorrow through the weekend. Just great. We haven't dried out...
  14. madcow

    Birthing Questions

    She will most likely separate herself on her own the day of kidding, and if you notice that she does stay away from the others when you know she's due to deliver, then that's a positive sign she is ready to kid. As the other members above have stated, she will probably kid when you least expect...
  15. madcow

    Trying to learn and prepare myself

    The wether in my avatar is Waldo, and when he was born both front legs were folded back and it took me pulling him with all my might while my husband held mom. He was big and it was Trixie's first. I really thought I would pull his head off, but kids are sturdier than you think. You will find...
  16. madcow

    Our herd has moved in!

    Their play yard looks fun! I also bet they could have a great time in that corn field behind it! I can just see these goats mowing down the whole field! LOL!. No not really, but you know goats, if there's a will there's a way! Congratulations on getting them home!
  17. madcow

    Why Potbelly Pigs?

    It kind of depends on what you plan on doing with the PBP. Do you want it as a pet, something to till your weedy areas, or to get as a breeder to sell shoats or to use as food or maybe all of the above? Each of those types of uses for these animals can have different behavior requirements. If...
  18. madcow

    what do you do with pot belly pigs ?

    Okay, as the name says, they are pigs first and foremost. They were originally bred as food for places that have little room or resources, thus the smaller size. A PBP is only greasy if you let them get too fat, and they taste as good as any other pig does. It all depends on what you feed...
  19. madcow

    Doe acting aggressive with another does kids

    This is normal behavior for goats. Most does will not tolerate another doe's kids. The kids will learn very quickly who to avoid, but do keep an eye on them, especially if they are very young, as sometimes the does can be over zealous in asserting their position. Most often the herd queen is...
  20. madcow

    The casual wean...

    Whoa! What breed of goat Hens and Roos?