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    What size should an Alpine doe be at roughly ...

    my lamancha/alpine/nubian mix girls are 19months and right around alpine/nubian mix girls who are 7 months are closer to 45lbs
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    Where is the best site for IM injection?

    you want to do it behind the red line which is the siatic nerve......and you can grab the muscle
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    Help me figure out what the best breed of LGD is for me!

    we have one but not inside with the animals....she is kenneled outside the fence and we have never had any predators come close......she isnt what most people would consider a LGD but she does a great job (Rosie the Rottweiler)
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    How to Geld a Llama

    so i would be able to get my alpaca boys done at 2 and almost 4yrs old?
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    alpacas eating goat feed?

    thank you for the advice and we will be keepiing an eye on the boys......we have alot of room to seperate if need be......and will be watching for any agression issues
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    alpacas eating goat feed?

    all pets and only female goats anad male alpacas
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    alpacas eating goat feed?

    would the mineral block we have help any?
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    alpacas eating goat feed?

    the warning on the bottom of the alpaca feed label actually has Caution;this feed contains supplemental copper. do not feed to sheep
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    alpacas eating goat feed?

    the reason i ask is that we would really like to find 1 feed that they can all eat since we really dont have the room to seperate them during feeding time
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    Goat Housing

    when we first got goats (2pygmies) we had a 10x10 dog kennel with a big doghouse in it for them to be shut in at night for security and 200ft of 4ft high field fence
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    alpacas eating goat feed?

    yes it is coarse 14 for goats.....they seem to be doing fine on it.....they prefer to eat the pasture more than the food lately. and we switch to 16%in the winter.....would it hurt the goats any to eat the alpaca feed and the alpacas to eat the goat feed?
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    abscess in tail web? *UPDATE 7/19*

    soooo sorry for your loss :hit
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    alpacas eating goat feed?

    ok so here are the rundowns on both feeds Blue Seal Llama-Alpaca Pellets crude protein, min...........14.0% crude fat, min..................3.5% crude fiber, max...............14.0% calcium, min.....1.25%..max......1.75% phosphorus, min.............0.80% salt, min......0.75%....max.....1.25%...
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    goat taming

    i have a lil dairy mix girl who i swear thinks she is a dog......follows me everywhere.....i always held he after we got her and her sister is the complete fact the tame girl pulled on my camera strap the other day till i took her pic.....i just sit in the pasture and let them...
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    i am in Jefferson county pa....about 10 miles outside of Punxsutawney:celebrate
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    tsc company

    i love tractor supply.....should soon have stock in that place.....only thing is they dont seem to keep alpaca feed in stoc but we do have a local feed store who has no problem keeping it in :D
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    goat spray on alpacas?

    i think that is what we are gonna do and if we need to we can seperate them we have lots of pasture
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    alpacas eating goat feed?

    we usually rotate between 14 and 16% more the 16% in the winter time and the goat feed we have does not have copper in it....we have a mineral block free choice in the barn for all of them
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    goat spray on alpacas?

    would have to talk to hubby about that....neither one of these boys has ever been bred.....and the far we got them from said they should be fine