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  1. Bumpa

    Mini Donkey Eye Issue

    My babies' eye is almost completely clear and heaked. Yeah!
  2. Bumpa

    Mini Donkey Eye Issue

    Ended up with triple antibiotics and erythromycin. Doing well....there will be no permanent damage according to the Vet
  3. Bumpa

    Mini Donkey Eye Issue

    Thanks. Looking in to that. Started Vetericyn Plus today which is also supposed to be good.
  4. Bumpa

    Mini Donkey Eye Issue

    My 1yr old mini donkey has a slightly swollen and watery eye...bug...dust...injury...who knows. Using a sterile eye was and now an ophthalmic gel. Any other advice?
  5. Bumpa


    I have three young jennies currently. (Minies)They live luxuriously in our polebarn. 9x9 stall and access to 1/3 to a 1/2 acre to run and play in. Love balls, chunks of hose and hula hoops cut in half. I feed Purina Minature Hose and Pony once a day and a flake of hay per girl at night...
  6. Bumpa

    Would castrating our mini Donkey make him sweeter?

    Definitely geld them both. Gelded boys are very managable and good pets.
  7. Bumpa

    Mini Donks and Goats

    Ya my donks always let me know when it's dinner time if I am late!
  8. Bumpa

    Miniature Donkey

    Adorable...I am partial but nothing cuter! Of course all baby herd members are cute.
  9. Bumpa

    What do to with all this poo

    The garden is a great use especially from the bottom of the pile that has decomposed....its all good!
  10. Bumpa

    Mini Donks and Goats

    Well, the danger has passed. We did not take in a friends goat after all. It has a good home , kids just dont want to care for it anymore. We will stick with our three mini donkeys for now!
  11. Bumpa

    Mini Donks and Goats

    Anyone have experience with mixing goats and mini donkeys? Or opinions?
  12. Bumpa

    Standard donkey barefoot trimming- What should I look for in a farrier?

    Wish I lived closer....I would do it for you. The wild eyed ones take time, patience and lovin during the process
  13. Bumpa

    Does anyone in East Texas know where we can get a Mini Donkey, Horse, or Mule?

    TxFarmGirl, Did you find a playmate for your baby?
  14. Bumpa

    Why are my mini Donkey and mule chewing on everything?

    The minerals may help but they are natural chewers....sorry. Door trim..stalls...trees. Also, a couple of three foot chunks of garden hose and a Jolly ball will help. Mine love to play with those.
  15. Bumpa

    Standard donkey barefoot trimming- What should I look for in a farrier?

    I am lucky. My Uncle was a farrier so I learned years ago. Didn't think I would ever use those skills again....but here I am, trimming my own mini donkeys .
  16. Bumpa


    Updated my profile. In South Haven, Michigan by the way.
  17. Bumpa

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    They have to have middle names so when they eat her flowers she can scold them like a child!