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    Rabbit diagnosed with fungal infection

    Update #2: I'm getting him in for a 2nd opinion tomorrow since he is not responding to treatment at all. I watched him grooming what he could reach of his back, which explains the hair loss pattern, so the itching must be horrible. If vet #2 does not know what this is, or doesn't think there's...
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    Two lop-ears died??

    I'm no vet but the first thing that came to mind was, did they come in contact with an animal who might have had rabies? Clear fluid is probably just lymph but for there to be an injury, and no pus, smells like rabies. But then again, I don't know what other symptoms they might have exhibited...
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    Dead rabbit - any ideas?

    Animals will often have a bowel movement as they die because their body is relaxing. Maybe she had a blockage that only came out when she was relaxed. This does sound mysterious, especially if none of your other rabbits are acting the same way.
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    Rabbit diagnosed with fungal infection

    Update: The hair loss is continuing, despite treatment and now the skin looks painfully irritated. I'm giving him one more week than will probably have him put down. Even if he recovers, I'll never be able to show him and would be afraid he would infect my other rabbits if he were near them...
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    Rabbit diagnosed with fungal infection

    The Giant Chinchilla buck I posted about earlier, who had raw, scaly patches on his hindquarters was taken to the vet today and his fur floresced (glowed when a blue light was shined on it). Whatever this is does not look like typical ringworm and we are not going to culture it to see exactly...
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    Bare patch of skin

    He is next to a Giant Chinchilla doe but to my knowledge they do not pay any attention to each other. I checked on the area again tonight and it's even bigger. When I pushed the hair aside, the turned to nip me so it must hurt. It almost reminds me of what I've seen dogs do when they have...
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    Bare patch of skin

    Last night I was petting my Giant Chinchilla buck when I ran my hand just below his hip bones and discovered a bare, scaly patch of skin. It was nearly dusk so the light wasn't the best but it did appear that there were little sore, scaly spots. He and the doe next door are both shedding but I...
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    flemish giant cages

    I have Giant Chinchillas and their cages are 48x30. To get a nest box in though I've had to buy an extra door and widen the hole. At least 25% of my cages' floors are wood but so far I have not had a problem with the bottoms sagging. GCs don't get as heavy as Flemish Giants (does can be up to...
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    Our rabbit set up (pics)

    Have you been through a summer yet with this barn? I am in Kansas, where the summers can get terribly hot and I would worry about the temperature in there, especially with only one window and the doors. That's the main reason I haven't bought a prefab barn yet.
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    "Ideal" rabbit barn

    Was interested to read that you hang half your cages and the others are on frames. I am debating on whether to go with stacking cages or just hang them. Considering I have 10-15 lb rabbits I don't know if metal poles/rafters would be able to hold that much weight. (Currently the 3-hole unit...
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    "Ideal" rabbit barn

    I am wondering if there is an ideal rabbit barn? Presently my five rabbits are on the "porch" of our barn, up against the wall where they are protected against just about everything except the setting sun. In a year or so, after I breed them, I am going to have to move them to their own place...
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    rabbit breed pics

    I just took photos of both my American Blue buck and doe, and my Giant Chinchilla pair. How do I get them to you? I also have a Silver Fox but since he quit growing at 6.5 lbs he's not an ideal representation of the breed.
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    Attack rabbit?

    In my experience, the crankiness really never goes away. My American Blue doe will attack me every time I put my hand into her cage so I just put my hand inside my coat and push her aside. If she keeps it up I'll shove her into a corner with her winter box so she can't come at me while I'm...
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    Hello from Kansas

    Hello from a fellow Kansan! We live near the OK border and have five rare breed rabbits, eight free-range chickens, three cats and two large handsful of Madagascar hissing cockroaches.
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    Dosage calculator link

    I am DEFINITELY going to use this! I am trying to amass a rabbit pharmacy. I only have five rabbits now but intend to breed more and would like to know I can knowledgably treat them.
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    Does it sound like snuffles?

    Just out of curiousity...what dose do you recommend for the Duramycin? I have a Giant Chinchilla doe that has been to the vet once for snuffles, she got a shot and a round of antibiotics by mouth and her condition improved. Now the snuffles is back and I do not want to take her back to the vet...
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    Market for meat rabbits?

    My own plan, such as it is, is to sell to people by word of mouth. My question is, do you price rabbit meat by the pound? As much as chicken? Less than chicken? I personally would not pay $10 for a 5 lb rabbit, but if I butcher out 5lb Americans or Giant Chinchillas, and they are $2/lb...
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    What should I use to kill my rabbits???

    I am so glad I've come across this thread. I'll be breeding my rare breed rabbits at the end of the month and am nervous to the point of being sick over knowing I'll have excess rabbits. My dad always knocked our rabbits on the back of the head with a 2x4 but occasionally he'd miss and hit...
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    Meat Rabbit Recommendations for a Beginner

    I currently have American Blues, Silver Foxes and Giant Chinchillas...the first two being the meat breeds. American breeders say that breed (semi-arch) has a good loin and the Silver Fox breeders say it's more like New Zealands in type. I have not butchered any of them yet but I can't imagine...
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    Harvest Time.

    I saw the Rabbit Wringer in the current issue of Mother Earth News and was horrified at first but after I thought about it a while, and saw their video on YouTube, I began to rethink my initial reaction. Is it as easy to use as the video appears? My dad was always the one that "did the deed"...