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  1. OzarkSerenityAcres

    Hair Sheep Ram Lamb-Breeding Age?

    I have been reading other threads and had these questions. Does the age of all sheep breeds go by rule of thumb of 4mos as breeding age? Has anyone had any HAIR SHEEP younger? What is your rule for weaning ram lambs off and separating from ewes? Thank you for your honest answers. We have 4 ram...
  2. OzarkSerenityAcres

    OSA 2018 Lamb Season

    Excited to see babies on the ground! Ozark Serenity Acres Lamb Journal 2018 7 First time Ewes- St. Croix (2017) 1 First time Ram (2017) All commercial as all previous owners did not keep good records (sad). First time I have owned Hair sheep previously a wool sheep owner. Love this breed...
  3. OzarkSerenityAcres

    Users of Flow Hive

    Are there any users of the Flow Hive? Is it worth it? Is it as advertised? Are you happy with it?
  4. OzarkSerenityAcres

    Hello from SE Missouri

    My husband and I live on 10 acres and lease add'l 12 acres. We have horses, sheep, cows, chickens and a goat. We have built our farm from scratch. The only infrastructure here was an old home. Glad to be here ty.