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  1. rellikmalinois

    pulling fur, so gave her a nesting box, now its a litter box?

    Thanks for the responses! I put in a "litter box" and moved her nesting box and she has stopped pottying in the nesting box! Hopefully she kindles soon!
  2. rellikmalinois

    any fresh spiral ham recipes?

    I got a spiral ham from a friend who had his pigs butchered. Am having a hard time finding a recipe for a fresh ham, most are pre cooked bought from the store.
  3. rellikmalinois

    pulling fur, so gave her a nesting box, now its a litter box?

    hello everyone. I have a doe we bred and waited and no kits, bred again no kits. We then bred her every Monday for a month, not even thinking how difficult it would be to plan for kits. She started pulling hair Saturday so I carefully pulled the hay and pulled hair out and put it in a nesting...
  4. rellikmalinois

    Doe mount buck after breeding?

    Okay, glad it's normal! Lol
  5. rellikmalinois

    Doe mount buck after breeding?

    Have any of you ever had a doe mount the buck right after he's bred her? Picked up a new doe who willingly lifted for the buck, he bred her now she's "goin to town" on him. My other doe never did this.
  6. rellikmalinois I need to worry?

    I am also interested in this, mine rabbits are being swarmed.
  7. rellikmalinois

    Bugs on chickens?

    I posted this on backyardchickens as well but figured I could get help here too. We were slaughtering our first batch of roosters and found bugs. Lice? Recommended treatment?
  8. rellikmalinois

    Nigerian Dwarf Doe for sale or trade-NH,USA

    I have a Nigerian Dwarf doe available for sale or trade. I am focusing of my kikos and don't have a use for her. Asking $100 obo and am open to trades, animals, feed, other. can be reached here, or 603-860-8974. I purchased her with her son, she was a great mom. Son has...
  9. rellikmalinois

    silly question about whethers

    thanks for the responses. I had no idea what a burdizzo was but after reading about it am thinking maybe he had that method of casteration done as his testicles are much smaller than the other. I will get photos of both of them tonight. I believe they are both about a year old.
  10. rellikmalinois

    silly question about whethers

    Silly Question but... I was under the impression when a buck is whethered his testicles are removed? I am pet sitting and was told he had a doe, buck, and whether but both boys clearly have large testicles!
  11. rellikmalinois

    Very aggressive doe

    I have one like this also! when I purchased her the previous owner showed her to me, put her in a box and I took her home. Now she attacks when I feed her or try to clean her cage. I have bred her and figured id see how she was as a mother(im only breeding for meat not pets) and if shes not a...
  12. rellikmalinois

    questions about using outside stud

    Hello Everyone, We are new to goats this year and I am interested in breeding my two Kiko Does. I found a Kiko stud about 45minutes from my house. The stud owner has asked me when I am looking to expose them. What should I expect to pay, how should things go, and when should I bring them to...
  13. rellikmalinois

    milking goat possibly had chemicals when is it safe to milk?

    It was not the clay it was the crystals which I just looked up are made of silica gel, apparently non toxic. Sorry! I was in a bit of a panic!
  14. rellikmalinois

    milking goat possibly had chemicals when is it safe to milk?

    Hello all, my neighbors decided to bring over fresh step crystal cat litter buckets full of water to our goats without our permission. The goats already had water but my assumption is that cause we are weaning the babies they are making extra noise and the neighbors thought they were helping. I...
  15. rellikmalinois

    Guess the breed?

    thankyou everyone! :) I have no idea who the father is, we got both of them from someone who didn't realize how much work they would be to keep out of her garden, she got them when the baby was a few days old and she has no idea what they are. The buckling is very sweet loves my other goats. She...
  16. rellikmalinois

    frozen milk to make cheese?

    thank you everyone!
  17. rellikmalinois

    How to find a stud?

    Hello everyone. I have two kiko goats i am interested in breeding. How does one go about finding an appropriate stud?
  18. rellikmalinois

    new to milking and have a question

    Hello everyone. I have toe does in milk, a Kiko named Billi and a Nigerian dwarf named Pumpernickel. Billi is great for milking she stands there and we can get it done super fast. Pumpernickel on the other hand is horrid. She kicks, flails and screams. Any tricks to making this go more smoothly...
  19. rellikmalinois

    frozen milk to make cheese?

    Can I freeze milk and then thaw to make cheese? or is it best to only use fresh?
  20. rellikmalinois

    New Hampshire

    Hello from Danville! We are just starting out! Have 4 goats 2 kikos and 2 (what we believe to be) Nigerian Pygmy crosses. Have 2 NZW rabbits we have just bred and 3 young Californians we plan to breed. 4 Belgian Malinois and a puggle! We are adding two Pekin ducks to the group today and would...