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  1. mamaperreca

    Hi from Missouri.

    HI all, I am Jaime from Missouri. We are homeschooling, hobby farmers. We currently have 1 mama goat (Mini-Saanen), two wethers (also mini-saanen), 1 buckling (mini-nubian) and this years kid buckling who is looking for a home. I am milking mama. We also have chickens, turkeys (for...
  2. mamaperreca

    Black spots on my goats hair? - not bites

    Hi all. I didn't put this in pest because I am fairly sure this is some kind of weed or something my goat is getting into. She is a Saanen, so white coat. I tied her out near a bunch of brush/fence line stuff to forage. When I came back in a few hours she looked like a Dalmation. Black...