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  1. AimeeDx

    Milk, but no lamb yet?

    So one of my dorper ewes is a first timer and is very pregnant, and when milked (i'm not milking her yet, but I am just getting her used to getting milked) milk came out from both teats. I was wondering if there are any guesses as to when she is due? I've been constantly checking on her for a...
  2. AimeeDx

    New to sheep first day

    I suggest making a fairly small paddock, and lock them in, soon they will run out of grass, and this is where you come in with some hay, don't sit right next to it, but just somewhere in the vicinity of it. Let the sheep come to you. then once they are comfortable, over time, move closer and...
  3. AimeeDx

    One of my ewes have 4 teats

    I had a ewe who had 4 teats, one pair smaller than the other, and both pairs worked well!
  4. AimeeDx

    any bets for when she is due?

    SheepShape, and I thought my sheep was waddling! I would like to see how your ewe gets around!
  5. AimeeDx

    any bets for when she is due?

    It might be a little longer, is she running or walking different? Our first time ewe waddled around everywhere very slowly! Just for a comparison of bellies, this was her a few days before giving birth to a single. Good luck with your first lambing! Hope you get a lot of healthy babies!
  6. AimeeDx

    Premature Lamb, What Now?

    Hi All, Yesterday was an extremely hot day, 37 degrees Celsius in the shade, and 39 in the sun! (so in Fahrenheit, 98.6 in the shade and 102.2 in the sun) and my ewe, Mary gave birth to a very small baby. I heard baaing, and ran out, and the baby had the birthing sack covering its face, so i...
  7. AimeeDx


    Hey TOR, I'm not a big sheep farm, just a small hobby farm, for our family's use. We brought because they conveniently self shed, and for their reputation of a delicious roast! We had 2 meat cows, they were in our property for about 10 minutes max, one was found 1 month later, and the other...
  8. AimeeDx


    Don't know that much, but where I live (QLD, Au) our dorpers with white feet are very good. We don't have to trim them because they naturally file down in our land, but never get too short.
  9. AimeeDx

    Bottle Baby Lamb Eating Dirt (....!)

    I'm guessing that she should be fine, my little one that is with her mum tries to eat everything, sticks, the gate, the fence, the water container... She's probably just deciding whats food and whats not, maybe she might take longer to figure out whats what because she has no one to watch?
  10. AimeeDx

    Our first lamb...have a few questions.

    Though I don't have any information about caring for an orphan lamb, I'll just add that he is a very cute little bugger! I'm sure he's your childrens new favorite toy? ;)
  11. AimeeDx


    Thanks everybody! Eteda - Our sheep and Alpaca have never tried to eat them, but our previous cows always did, and were fine, and our horse constantly munches on them, and enjoys them, so i would assume that sheep would be fine, but i'm not sure. Devon Violet - So far the sheep are going well...
  12. AimeeDx


    So, I've stalked around here for a while, replied a few times, but finally decided to introduce myself and my little bunch of animals. My name is Aimee and i'm from Australia. I have 4 sheep, Woolimina, Mary, Rose and baby Bailey. With them is our guard Alpaca, Harry. And along with the outside...
  13. AimeeDx

    How close to lambing is my dorper ewe?

    Oh, just realised some of the pictures came out twice, sorry!
  14. AimeeDx

    How close to lambing is my dorper ewe?

    Today Woolimina, (the ewe) gave birth to a single girl. She had a very easy birth, it only took around 45 minutes. The little baby has drunk lots, and is already bouncing around! We called her Bailey (its a pun name, as in Baa-iley) I just have a question, Woolimina keeps on pawing the ground...
  15. AimeeDx

    How close to lambing is my dorper ewe?

    Thanks for your replies! I always heard that it just depends on the ewe, some sheep down the road had a little bit smaller udder than her right before they lambed, so I check twice a day for a lamb just in case! Thanks Mike, These are my first sheep, so i'm probably a worse guesser than you! :)...
  16. AimeeDx

    How close to lambing is my dorper ewe?

    Hi everyone. We brought 3 dorper ewes, 2 are 12 months old and 1 is around 3 and a half months old. The two older ones were purchased as probably pregnant. We have had the little over one month, and in the past 2 weeks, her belly has appeared to hang lower (drop?) and her udder is starting to...
  17. AimeeDx

    Totally New To Sheep-Help with feed?

    We recently purchased sheep too, I tried to make them come to me with everything, Corn, which they has as a treat at their previous home, popcorn, molasses and a few other things, then one day, i started to pick grass near their paddock for the horse, and they all came running down to me! So...
  18. AimeeDx


    Hello, I'm not sure what a dog tick is, we call our ticks here Paralysis ticks and cattle ticks. By the sounds of it, it might be a paralysis? Was the head triangle shaped? Paralysis ticks do give out a bit of a nasty reaction, we always pull them off the cows and our horse, but leave them...
  19. AimeeDx

    Found kitten!! Help

    If the little kitten is around 4 weeks old like babsbag said, he should be able to be weaned, don't know much about cats, but hope it helps :D Good on you for saving him!! not many people would. :(
  20. AimeeDx

    New to Sheep

    Okay, We'll go with electric fence :) The secure little area we will be locking them up in at night is close to the house so we hope the dogs won't go there as much, plus we have our "guard dog" (a mini poodle who always attacks random peoples dogs when they go after our chickens) and she would...