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  1. Baymule

    rachels.haven's Journal

    That is just messed up.
  2. Baymule

    Senile Texas Aggie - comic relief for the rest of you

    On the road washout, like @Bruce, I would suggest raising the road and placing culverts under it. I would also line the sides of the road with bags of cement to check erosion.
  3. Baymule

    CntryBoy777 - The Lazy A** Acres Adventures

    I think both Centigrade and Fahrenheit are both wrong. Zero should be freezing, then go up or down from there.
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    What a nice lamb! I hope the rest of them are that nice too!
  5. Baymule

    This is the tale of an "old" sheep man and his dogs.

    I know you are relieved to have Tina back in good health. We get our hearts wrapped around our dogs.
  6. Baymule

    Mystang's Homesteading Circus

    Well I guess somebody has to buy new stuff so I can reclaim it later. :lol:
  7. Baymule

    rachels.haven's Journal

    I like the black copper marans, but have not had any. Wyandottes I have had in several colors and I like them also. I have had sex links and they are laying machines. Now I have Easter Eggers, Cream Legbar, and Welsummer.
  8. Baymule

    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    That is good news on the house. That is kinda like the way we sold our old house. It was a handshake deal, no realtor, no earnest money, just a verbal agreement. On the re-plumbing the place, have you considered pex plumbing? We had our old house re-plumbed with it after an old galvanized pipe...
  9. Baymule

    B&B Happy Goats....journal

    Berkshire are supposed to have fat marbling throughout the meat. The first feeder pigs we raised were Large Black and Berkshire cross. There is a Berkshire breeder a couple of counties away, but the prices on them are HIGH! If you got these at a reasonable price, count yourself fortunate! If you...
  10. Baymule

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    I have my first zucchini on the vine. I still have golden patty pan squash to plant. We had a late frost too. We have had so much going on, the garden slid to the back burner. It's back on the front line now! LOL
  11. Baymule

    rachels.haven's Journal

    I have been on a quest for that just right chicken breed. I hate mean roosters, the latest is in the freezer. I have heard many good things about White Rocks, good layers, CALM roosters and big brown eggs. I’m thinking that will be my next breed. They are white-boring. I really like the flashy...
  12. Baymule

    Mystang's Homesteading Circus

    Good work! Wait, you mean there is metal roof material that doesn’t already have holes in it? Whaaaat??
  13. Baymule

    High Desert Cowboy- Life on the old California Trail

    Donating bellwether to the Navajo reservation would be a generous thing to do. Their predicament even made national news.
  14. Baymule

    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    What beautiful pasture and sheep. I am so happy for you Bee. This is what you have been wanting for a long time. On the coyote activity, can you put the Sheep in a night pen until the dogs get a little older?
  15. Baymule

    Coffee anyone ?

    No working in the garden today, it’s too wet. More rain coming tonight, I’ll sure take it!
  16. Baymule

    Thistleblooms Rambles

    What? No pictures of the "Walk of Fame?"
  17. Baymule

    Coffee anyone ?

    Thanks for the coffee. It’s 66 degrees this morning!
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    Bruce's Journal

    I'm sorry about Zorra. I know your chickens are pets and they mean a lot to you. that is a long life for a chicken.
  19. Baymule

    Making A Pasture

    I put them back on it today. In 2 hours they were laying down ruminating. Ringo and 2 ewes went to pasture #2 that borders the garden. BJ was pulling run away rampant growth of ragweed and lambs quarters in the garden while I planted corn. The weeds were carefully laid in the wagon for sheep...
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    Welcome to the forum! Glad you are here.