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  1. helmstead

    ADGA/AGS/NDGA Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings SW Indiana

    Helmstead Minis F Flames Qorky March 28, 2012 ADGA/AGS/NDGA buckling buckskin with star, white on side MCH/CH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame VG x Chinook Winds DF Susie Q 5 x 1st $350.00 Helmstead Minis FF Quick Fire March 28, 2012 ADGA/AGS/NDGA buckling brown chamoise with random white...
  2. helmstead

    2 ADGA/AGS/NDGA Bucklings Available SOLD

    Helmstead Minis FF Sure Fire March 8, 2012 ADGA/AGS/NDGA buckling red with a little white, star and frosting MCH/CH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame VG x Helmstead Minis FF Kindle $300.00 Direct line breeding on Fire Flame. Helmstead Minis HO Ruckus March 10, 2012 ADGA/AGS/NDGA buckling...
  3. helmstead

    Son of MCH/CH/PGCH Available in SW Indiana SOLD

    Helmstead Minis FF Arsonist 2/19/2012 S: MCH/CH/PGCH Kids Corral Fire Flame VG D: Kids Corral CVF Black Velvet 1xGCH 3xRCH Full brother from 2011 litter scored EEVE on his Young Stock Appraisal. $400.00
  4. helmstead

    ADGA/AGS/NDGA Nigerian Dwarf Doeling SW Indiana SOLD

    Helmstead Minis B Kehsha 2/7/12 S: Helmstead Minis FF Bombero (4xGCH, 3xRCH, Winner 2011 AGS Nationals Sire & Son, 2nd place AGS National Show) D: Golden Kids Flicka (1x1st) Granddaughter of our MCH/CH/PGCH buck. Sire, Bombero, was our winningest junior buck of 2011. Dam has produced multiple...
  5. helmstead

    Mini-Nubian Bottle Bucklings/Wethers SW Indiana SOLD

    Helmstead Minis "You Can Name" C4 February 1, 2012 F1 Mini-Nubian buckling chamoisee with white and frosting CHW Baywatch's Rider on the Storm VG x Willandrey Farms Scarlett $75.00 Great 4H wether project! Sorry, no buck papers available. Helmstead Minis "You Can Name" C3 February 1...
  6. helmstead

    ADGA/AGS/NDGA Blue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Buckling SW Indiana SOLD

    Helmstead Minis FA Blue Jay February 1, 2012 ADGA/AGS/NDGA buckling pale gold with a little white; blue eyes Helmstead Minis F Flamin' Ace 1xRCH x Helmstead Minis RS Pigeon 1xGCH 2xRCH $250.00
  7. helmstead

    NMGA 4 year old Nigerian Dwarf doe, in milk SW Indiana

    Helmstead Minis Sassy 12/2007 grade Nigerian Dwarf doe NMGA registered, Foundation Low maintenance, easy breeder and kidder. Well mannered for either hand or machine milking. Gets along well in the herd. *has been dehorned* NO LONGER FOR SALE Won't be offered for sale long, I won't mind...
  8. helmstead

    NMGA Buckskin Nigerian Dwarf Buckling/Wether SW Indiana SOLD

    Helmstead Minis "You Can Name" L2 Helmstead Minis F Flamin' Ace x Helmstead Minis Sassy 1/26/12 classic buckskin with small star Perfect 4H wether project, or herdsire for grade herd. Comes with NMGA application. $75.00
  9. helmstead

    Nigerian Dwarf Doe Kids SW Indiana

    Helmstead Minis FF Nocturn S: MCH/CH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame VG D: Fall Creek Lady Godiva (MCH Kaapio Acres SG Remington x Brush Creek Moire 'VG' 3xRCH 1xBest Udder) Solid black doe kid. Flame offspring are doing fantastically as juniors. Dam is a solid milker. Lots of promise...
  10. helmstead

    Bunches of Nigerian Dwarf Buck Kids SW Indiana

    We had a buck-y fall. Several boys available. All are on the bottle, are disbudded and come with ADGA/AGS/NDGA paperwork. Helmstead Minis RS Ripper S: CHW Baywatch's Rider on the Storm VG D: Chinook Winds DH Rhiannon 1xRCH brown chamoise with white, distant line breeding on ARMCH Baywatch...
  11. helmstead

    Weanling ADGA/AGS/NDGA Doe Kid SW Indiana

    Helmstead Minis E Special K Aug 15, 2011 S: Buttin'Heads Epiphus D: Little Wishes Cocoa Puff (1xGCH, Best Udder) Reluctantly offered for sale - beautiful and correct! Level top line, short pasterns on straight legs and LOTS of mammary potential. $400.00 *Can make a package deal with...
  12. helmstead

    (IN) Nigerian Dwarf - Blue Eyed Son of MCH/CH/PGCH

    Helmstead Minis FF Pompiere 10/2/11 gold with blue eyes S: MCH/CH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame VG D: Olde South Blue Bella (1xGCH, 4xRCH, 6x1st) This has proven to be an awesome cross. HM FF Bombero (full brother) is 2xGCH jr, HM F Flamin' Ace (full brother) has earned is junior leg also...
  13. helmstead

    Polled Nigerian Dwarf Buckling Sired by PGCH SW Indiana SOLD

    Helmstead Minis DF Don Vega 9/14/11 gold and white; polled S: PGCH CHW CJS Douglas Fairbanks (2010 National GCH, 6xGCH, Best of Breed) D: Pride of Texas Morning Star (2xGCH) Linebred on Gay-Mors RA Kingwood ++*S within 5 generation pedigree. Dam's udder is just wonderful, working on...
  14. helmstead

    Handsome Triple Reg'd Nigerian Bucklings SW Indiana SOLD

    Helmstead Minis E Kellogg & Neapolitan 8/15/11 S: Buttin'Heads Epiphus (CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S*B x CH Buttin'Heads Ambrosha E 90) D: Little Wishes Cocoa Puffs (BEST UDDER, GCHx1, RCHx1, 7x1st) Gorgeous buckskin bucklings with great mammary systems behind them! Scroll down to see their...
  15. helmstead

    Several Triple Registerable Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings SW Indiana

    Helmstead Minis FF Spit Fire S: MCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame VG D: CapraKoza TT Northern Lights 8x1st 1xRCH $325.00 Helmstead Minis FF Apl De Ap S: MCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame VG D: Little Tots Estate Kirby 1xRCH Full brother to GCH HM FF Glamorous and HM FF Will I Am, who was...
  16. helmstead

    NMGA Blue Eyed Teensy Weensie Nigerian Dwarf Buckling SW Indiana SOLD

    Helmstead Minis "You Can Name" K17 roaned chamoisee and white with blue eyes S: Helmstead Minis C Heza D Lux D: Helmstead Minis Marybelle Was 1lb 13 oz at birth, and is going to stay small. On the bottle, disbudded and ready to find his new pet home! $75.00 S
  17. helmstead

    2xRCH Yearling Moonspotted Nigerian Dwarf Buck SW Indiana

    Helmstead Minis TM NeYo S: Thunderhill A Merlot 1xRCH D: Golden Kids Flicka 3x1st Very small statured buck, LONG, level and wide. Excellent dairy character, and passes on his moonspots. Already has an RCH daughter. $300.00
  18. helmstead

    2006 Flashy Nigerian Dwarf Doe SW Indiana

    Kaapio Acres BH Sheza Hottie S: Woodhaven Farm Bently Hotwing D: Brush Creek Blaze $350.00 open and dry Easy to hand milk or machine milk. Great brood doe.
  19. helmstead

    NMGA Pet Quality Buckling/Wether SW Indiana SALE PENDING

    Helmstead Minis "You Can Name" K12 7/29/11 S: Helmstead Minis TM NeYo 2xRCH D: Helmstead Minis Java Latte (NMGA) Excellent 4H project! Full sister was our county's 2011 4H Reserve Supreme Champion Dairy Doe! Flashy, frisky, and ready to go! $75.00 buck/wether
  20. helmstead

    ADGA/AGS/NDGA Polled Buckling SW Indiana SOLD

    Cute buckskin polled buckling born 8/1. He is the result of a direct linebreeding on PGCH CHW CJS Douglas Fairbanks, who was the 2010 NDGA National Grand Champion Senior Buck. Likely homozygous for polled. He will carry the Chinook Winds herd name. You can name him. $250.00