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    Iron issues?

    So we've been struggling with lots of parasites in a few of our sheep. The vet confirmed we're dealing with barber pole and tapeworms. We're following his protocol for treating them, which includes giving an iron injection. Well, we've lost three sheep now, all of which had the iron injection...
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    Ewe lamb with runny eyes and loud breathing

    Hey guys, we have a ewe lamb that's about 7 months old who has suddenly developed runny eyes and loud breathing. She has actually been in a dry lot for a few weeks with a couple other ewes while we treated them for worms and anemia. They are being weaned back onto grass now. Her eyes are not...
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    Sheep feed causing weakness and collapse?

    We're concerned that the sheep grain (dumor Lamb and Ewe) we have been feeding a few of our lambs and ewes is causing issues. Sometimes *as they are eating the grain* one will get suddenly weak, wobbly, and then find a corner to collapse in. Could this be toxins in the grain? Would that cause...
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    How to wean and prevent mastitis?

    So, we attempted to separate our ram-lambs recently but it didn't work for two reasons. First, they kept escaping through the electric fence. That we could probably fix. However, we also noticed that ewes' udders were staying pretty full and were concerned about mastitis becoming a problem...
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    3 Month Old Lamb with Swollen Knees?

    We have a 3-month old dorper x katahdin ram-lamb that suddenly developed swollen knees this week. We had a lamb with joint ill at a much younger age and we know that was due to a really difficult birth experience. This lamb is now much older, did not have a difficult birth, and has been very...
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    Sheep books?

    Anyone have recommendations on sheep care, handling, and health books? I need the in-depth kind of stuff, not basics/overview/breeds/etc that most books contain.
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    Grass Identification?

    Hello! We're trying to decide what plants to add to our pasture for better diversity. What I want to know is: How do you identify grasses already growing in your pasture? Thanks in advance!
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    Odd behavior in lamb - should we be concerned? Beginner shepherd question

    Some background on this lamb: He's about a week and a half old and had a rough delivery (sideways position, ewe with pre-lambing vaginal prolapse and then ring-womb - it took us hours to deliver the lamb and we thought we'd lose them both). He has been struggling with a tendon injury in his...
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    Ewes and Lambs not getting along?

    Is it normal for ewes and lambs to not get along in the pasture for a while? Our lambs range in age from 9 days old to 1 day old. These ewes are first time mothers. We've noticed that the ewes do not like each others babies approaching them or their babies and will shove them around. We keep...
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    Signs of a Twin Lamb to Come?

    What signs will we see if there is a second lamb to be born? And how soon can we expect a twin to be born after the first lamb has been delivered? This is our first lambing season so we're not sure what to expect or to look for. Thanks in advance!
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    Bottle jaw treatment for pregnant ewe near lambing?

    What is the protocol for treating a pregnant ewe for bottle jaw (thanks to worms) when she's just a few days out from lambing? Is there a wormer that is safe for her and the baby at this stage? Or do we need to wait? What other supportive care can we give her? Vitamin b, iron, supplements? She...
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    Sheep reacting poorly to Prohibit Dewormer - Help!

    We have just given one of our ewes a dose of Prohibit and she seems to be reacting poorly: foaming mouth and nose, standing still with ears down, not eating. All the sheep just got moved to a fresh pasture (rotational grazing) and she is the only one not excited to wander the whole place and...
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    Goat with Swollen, Bumpy Nose - What's wrong?

    Our Nigerian goat has developed this really swollen, bumpy nose. We aren't sure what is causing it and neither does our breeder. Any ideas about what could be wrong? The first three pictures are from last Wednesday. The last picture is how she looks today (Monday) and it's definitely not...