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    Ivermectin for ticks

    I have topical ivermectin for my cattle. Will it control fleas and ticks on goats? Anyone know the dosage?
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    Thinking about adding a couple

    I have a few cattle. My pastures have some weeds that the cattle won’t, or are reluctant to eat. So I’ve thought about adding 2-3 goats to the herd to clean up the stuff the cattle don’t like. Am I nuts and should I just fight the weeds, or would a few goats cure my problem by eating the...
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    California bander for castration

    Anyone used one? They look much easier to use than the plier bands.
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    Want to get in business in a hurry?
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    Want to get in the business in a hurry?
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    Tomorrow’s the Super Bowl (with pics)

    Go Chiefs.
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    Grants mini herd

    Looks like I finally have my “herd”. Bought 2 highland x mini Hereford heifers recently. Both are about 7 months old right now. Got the seller to throw in a highland x dexter steer so I can get beef a little faster. ;). I’ve had them about 4 weeks now. All are very calm, they had been well...
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    Dexter cows Wagyu (Kobe) bull

    Anyone crossed their Dexters with a small birth weight Wagyu bull? I’m thinking small Kobe quality calves might make for excellent eating. Any thoughts out there?
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    Hello from SW Mo

    Hi all. Just joined as I will be moving to 13 acres soon and will be starting a small herd of one of the small cattle breeds. I grew up on an 1100 acre farm, so not new to animals, but it’s been 30+ years, so I’m sure I’ve forgotten some stuff. I was also an ag major at Mizzou, so who knows, I...