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    Hair Sheep Color Genetics

    I am still falling down the rabbit hole of genetics on sheep. I can not get my head wrapped around the whole Black or Brown only thing. All the many, many articles I've read state Black is dominant to Brown and imply you will not get both colors on a sheep. Sound okay when I look at Dash. She's...
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    Lawn Sweeper to Collect Nightshade Plants & Berries?

    I have several areas in my fields that are full of silver nightshade. I noticed today that the bermuda grass has died/been grazed low while nightshade plants still stand tall. Could I cut them and collect with lawn sweeper so berries don't grow more plants?
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    Show Sheep Beginnings

    Cassandra will be 6 mid August and desparately wants to show sheeps. I am willing to help her show Mocha, our new registered Katahdin ewe. This thread will follow our progress. We are starting with getting Mocha used to us handling her all over. I found plenty of videos about leading sheep and...
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    Cheap Goat/Sheep Tilt Table on FB Nacogdoches, TX

    I saw this ridiculously cheap circle tilt table on FB marketplace. It's price $650 for a $2,800 table. Unfortunately, I'm tapped out on $$ and it's too far away. Maybe a BYH friend can luck out, @Baymule @Devonviolet
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    Ewe with Injured Leg

    So I got a pair of approx 2 month old ewe lambs last weekend. They are super wild. Getting them out of travel crate involved one ramming itself under noclimb wire and escaping. Also much ping-ponging off sides of corral. Today I noticed the white and balck one limping badly on the left front...
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    TX- Spot, Ramling Son of Ringo for Sale

    Spot is approaching 3 months old and ready for a new home. He is son of the extrodinary Ringo and has his sweet temperment. He got his beauty from dam, Aria. Katahdin / Dorper cross Recordable as 75% Katahdin with KHSI Birth Weight: 10.57lbs 60day Adjusted Weight: 51.93lbs Average Daily Gain...
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    Lifespan of Economy vs Standard Gate

    I am planning the fencing for the package dropoff circle area and drive into our property. I am planning a paired set of 8ft gates. One will be motorized for daily use while other has pin to ground holding it still till large equipment needs in. Is there a huge lifespan difference between the...
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    WTB- DFW, TX- Bred Katahdins

    I get to use part of my bonus to get more sheep! 🎉 I'm looking for 2 -3 bred Katahdin ewes to join my 3 I got from @Baymule. Registration not needed.
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    LGD or Not? Best breed with kid strangers?

    Trying to figure out best breeds for my situation near Dallas Fort Worth Texas. I have 12 acres with 4' sheep fence and 3 strands of barbed wire perimeter fence. Internal rotational grazing paddocks will be electric fence. have sheep and will be getting poultry in spring. I have 3 kids and they...
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    Hay, Oy Vey!

    So I'm about to get my first sheep. 🥳 So locating feed, minerals, etc. Now I started looking at hay and I'm totally confused. Locally round bales are $30 -$75 and square bales are $5 -$23 each. I found some weight guides for bale size so I have estimated $/lb. Can anyone explain: 1st cut, 2nd...
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    Texss Grass and Plant ID

    I'm trying to figure out these what these plants are. I need to know if they are safe for sheep. 1. A grass 2. A weird thing with pod 3. Plant with purple flower 4. Plant with yellow flower 5. Plant with brushy top 6. Last one, broadleaf plant
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    Loafing Shed Refurbish

    Going to refurbish the old loafing shed on property. The main posts are okay. The big issue is all the joists are detached at one end or the other. The tin roof is holding the joists up 🤦‍♀️. Several joists are cracked too.
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    GriffinWoodsRanch 2021-2022 Bees

    This thread is to track start of my apiary. Contents Hive A Install
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    Texas Fencing Qs

    I am getting ready to start fixing the fencing at our new property. I have a several questions regarding fencing vs neighbors animals and human kids climbing the fence. We've already had a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff stolen. What I've found so far: Texas - purple paint = no...
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    Order of Animal Purchases?

    We are in the midst of establish our farm on 12.8 acres. We have an old indoor/outdoor cat. We plan on having sheeps, chickens, ducks, feeder steer. We want a family dog and LDGs for the animals. Should we family dog first or get the chickens & ducks established? The goal for family dog is he...
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    Margali's Griffin Wood Ranch

    Starting this journal to document progress of our ranch from 12.9 acres of raw land to a productive business. The name comes from family heraldry of Griffin with a wooded property. Ranch because we will focus on livestock and orchard. YEAR ZERO Year Zero Goals __________ Pasture Planning...
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    A Vist with Baymule

    We had so much fun visiting with @Baymule over the weekend. Cassandra was entranced. Alexander thinks they are neat while Dominic (youngest) was a little reserved since the sheep are BIG. Not pictured is my tolerant DH. He's not interested in sheep but had a good time with BJ. He also startled...
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    Lamb allergy but other meats fine?

    So I spotted some lamb shoulder chops at HEB and decided to try them out. I seared them with butter, salt, and pepper. Then tossed into i stapot with carrots, potatos, mustard seed, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. About an hour after eating, I wasn't feeling great and had a headache. Hubby...
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    Bedlam's Bunnies

    We are planning on adding rabbits to our backyard operations. Havana rabbits for meat and children to show with ARBA / 4H. They only get to be 6.5lbs max. We have this area outside 6.5' deep by 7.5' wide to use. Fence corner is East point of property while wind comes from S-SW (behind camera)...
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    Property Purchase Daydreams

    So stuck at home right now due to the Coronavirus. Seems like a good time for daydreaming about future property purchase, about 3 years out. We are stuck at in Houston metro area for my work as a mechanical integrity engineer. General search is east of 288 and south of Beltway 8 up to 225 down...