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  1. Wolflord

    Honey bee verieties

    I'm looking into all the bee verieties there are and wanted to see what other keepers recommend. I've heard of Italian bees, Caucasian bees, German bees and Russian bees. And I know what I want out of a colony but don't know what verieties would best suit me. I'm planning on only one colony at...
  2. Wolflord


    I'm curious. I want to know if any of you guys raise yaks. I want to know more about their care and behavior. From what I've read they need only 1% of body weight in feed compared to cows. But they also have a slower grow rate. And being it's an older bovine I'm guessing it's milk is AA? I...
  3. Wolflord

    NC Breeders

    Looking for livestock breeders in NC. So if you breed anything from horses to rabbits. Post it here :)
  4. Wolflord

    Towing Questions

    Hello, I'm curious if a 2001 dodge Durango (can pull up to 7,350lbs) would be fine to tow a 2 horse trailer with a pair of fjords in it? Thanks for any help. :weee