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  1. Sunset Spring Farm

    Hello, from Norman, Ok!

    Hi! My name is Caity! I raise Poultry to show through 4-H and Market Goats for FFA! I showed Dairy Goats last county fair for my 4-H leader, and loved it! I am getting my own soon (Creeper and Buster) and am extremely excited!
  2. Sunset Spring Farm

    Does anyone have a Recipe for Goats Milk Lotion?

    I need a recipe for Goats Milk Lotion! I want to start making some! Thank You in Advance!
  3. Sunset Spring Farm

    Tips for Showing Market Goats through FFA?!

    Can I get some tips on training and showing my market wether and doe through FFA? I have my first show in January and could use some advice! TIA!