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    This may sound weird but

    I can't find anything big enough to wether my billy with i asked around and some people said they use tie straps could i put a tie strap around it ? do you think it would work
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    Let's see them goats

    Post pics of your goats and herds, any breeds, any ages, Also your goat setups, pastures, cages whatever :)
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    I think my Doe is pregnant

    So yesterday i added my 5th pygmy goat to my little herd she is a year old and the breeder (guy i buy all my pygmies from) said he is almost 100% she is pregnant and i also think she is she has a pretty big belly not one that looks like it is about to bust but pretty big she also looks like her...
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    Why have they not fallen off

    Well i got my new goat banded about 5 weeks ago today and his balls are as flat as a pancake but they are still there the band is still on to why are they still on ? and what do i do if they refuse to fall off?
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    Post your setups

    Post pics of your goat chicken, duck, etc housing setups and free range yard
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    Why Don't My Goat Act Normal?

    Okay, so i have 4 pygmy goats 3 are 9 months old and the 2 (now 1 ) 3 month old babies have never acted like the older ones when they was babies they don't run across the yard jumping climbing or playing they just sit their and eat and mope around what could be wrong ? the one baby died and the...
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    I Got A New Wether Goat

    Hi all well today my little baby pygmy doe was very sick and died so i treated myself to a pygmy wether goat but now thinking i forgot they are prone to get stones and the urinary thing please give me tips on how i can try to prevent it I do have mineral water I know this is bad i was not...
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    How do I get these baby goats to like me?

    So I got 2 8 week old pygmy kids to go with my other pygmies they have been here 4 days but are not even warming up to me at all the black one will let me pet it while it is eating but if I stand up they FREAK OUT like crazy people any advise? My first doe was like that but she quickly got used...
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    Do Sheep Like Things to Climb On?

    I have had an opportunity to get a baby sheep that would be with 4 pygmy goats do they like to jump around and climb like sheep or are they boring? Do they make good pets? Goat or sheep?
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    South Carolina

    Hey I am from Greenville SC I have 5 Pygmy goats 40 chickens 2 ducks and about 10 guineas just thought I would share this.