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    Let's see them goats

    Your pygmies look amazing especially the big ole buck what a beast! lol
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    Think we found one!

    To be registered is the same as a dogs the price sounds about right for one in milk and registered also the breed is very nice!
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    goat pasture done

    Beautiful!! lol I have the same fencing but not the same grass lol it is amazing haha. congratz great job
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    Going to see Pygmies this weekend

    Congratz post pics soon :)
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    Going to see Pygmies this weekend

    The chain link fence with a little shelter is perfect same with the hay
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    What breed to get?

    Toggenburgs are very nice and mellow
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    newbe here just wondering :)

    Yes they earn their keep with their milk making cheese soap and ice cream also they clear brush out very well you will love! them
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    Let's see them goats

    Very nice! goats
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    Need Breed Advice?

    I disagree all my toggs used to have great milk same with all my togg breeder friends I don't know what you fed yours but ours is not "goaty"
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    Need Breed Advice?

    Their milk is good :) and I don't see many people with toggs anymore plus they have a nice chocolate color
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    Need Breed Advice?

    I would choose the toggenburgs
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    Taste of Nigerian Dwarf Milk?

    ND milk is delicious it in fact does not have the "goaty" taste same with pygmy milk i think you should get nigerians but later on if you want some bigger goats alpine milk is also very yummy
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    This may sound weird but

    well when i bought my wether he "fixed" him right then and banded him with the green ones as shown at jeffers i just can't see how it would fit around my bucks "things" lol i'll call the breeder i get my pygmies from and see if he will do it for me :)
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    This may sound weird but

    can you buy the calf ones and use the same tool to pull it apart ?
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    This may sound weird but

    he is 10 months old about 40 pounds
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    This may sound weird but

    I can't find anything big enough to wether my billy with i asked around and some people said they use tie straps could i put a tie strap around it ? do you think it would work
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    My Goats

    My oldest doe (1year) has a very mature deep normal baaa my younger doe (10 months) has a normal voice that is not quite as deep as my oldest doe my youngest doe (5months) has a cry like a newborn baby my wether (5-6 month) has a real low Baaa and my 10 month old buck sounds like a teen voice...
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    Let's see them goats

    I will post pics of my pygmy herd whenever i get them off my dumb camera, gah photography cameras can be annoying
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    can't catch a break

    LOL it is the other way around here everyone is getting rid of their pygmies and buying nigerians i know it's the milk thing but come on lol it took me forever to find my pygmies now they are for sale everywhere around here
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    Fiber Goat breeding question?

    That sounds plain stupid to me that lady obviously does not have a clue what she is talking about