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  1. Nifty

    Video: Pigs to Reclaim Raw Land

    I thought this was an interesting video on using pigs to Reclaim Raw Land
  2. Nifty

    Fix BYH 'Current Herd Animal(s)' area

    Thanks for pointing this out and asking! The current # of characters is 30, but I've bumped it up to 50. Is that enough?
  3. Nifty

    Article Feature

    Gotcha! I saw your tag over on BYC (thanks for doing that) and looking for a solution!
  4. Nifty

    Article Feature

    Hmm... I have no idea. I wish we were using the same article system here that we have on BYC, but we're using this: ... which isn't ideal :( So, when you say "unclick" do you mean have it defaulted to unchecked... or something else?
  5. Nifty

    TEG problems

    We're back up at TEG!!
  6. Nifty

    TEG problems

    Correction: seems it's when logged-out users view too :(
  7. Nifty

    TEG problems

    We're seeing errors when peeps try to view threads when they are logged in. We're looking into it and hope to find a fix soon!
  8. Nifty

    Can’t type in description box

    Weird, I've never heard of this before. 1) Read this thread on how to troubleshoot and report issues: ... and try from a different computer (or phone/device) AND a different browser to see if the problem...
  9. Nifty

    Why Don't My Pictures Show Up On Old Threads?

    It's very odd for sure. All the images with issues seem to be linked to from TEG. When I edit the posts, the images show up, but not when just viewing. Very odd! It has something to do with the "image proxy" (basically caching of images. I refreshed the proxy, so it looks like all the images...
  10. Nifty

    Forum Font Size?

    Depending on your operating system (Windows / Mac) and web-browser, you should be able to set the font size.
  11. Nifty

    New Reaction - Informative

    We've added a new "reaction" called Informative: Our hope is that this additional data-point will help our community "bubble-up" the most helpful and "informative" content and replies! NOTE: We want to encourage our members to be mindful of how they use this reaction. Please only use it for...
  12. Nifty

    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    While we try to figure out the best way to proceed, we encourage peeps that want to continue to discuss this hot and divisive topic, to do so in private conversations.
  13. Nifty

    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    We've closed this thread due to a lot of issues, reports, etc., and are evaluating the pros / cons to our community in leaving it open. (note: if there was a way to leave it open without there being any reports, we'd be way more inclined to let peeps discuss stuff civilly and respectfully...
  14. Nifty

    Smiley Emoji

    As mentioned above, we've got a LOT of smilies, but if there's something specific missing, we can look into adding it :)
  15. Nifty

    When to send to slaughter

    We received a few reports on multiple posts in this thread that were political. There's some great info and discussion mixed with stuff that shouldn't have been posted... so after some discussion, it's been decided to leave the posts, but lock the thread as a reminder to keep political comments...
  16. Nifty

    Change cow picture in main forum to specific animal in said forum

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's actually a surprising amount of work to change it, but we've got it on our "todo" list!
  17. Nifty

    Second floor of barn CONCRETE?

    If you (and others) keep seeing this, please post a new thread in the feedback section with as much detail as possible.
  18. Nifty

    Why wasn't my thread approved?

    I wish this forum ran on magic, but my guess is that it's been there all the time :)
  19. Nifty

    BYC 2021-02-03 Update

    BYC is live!