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    assorted goat questions - and pics ;)

    1. Goats are fine with cold - see that shaggy coat? Baby may need a sweater and a warmer at times. I don’t kid in the winter for this reason - I’m afraid of cold kids! 2. it totally depends on personality 3. impregnated by a castrated goat? Is that your question? 4. I would go with the ACV...
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    Problems with birthing this year

    This sounds like our kidding season with our goats for the past two years. The first year I suspected the buck also - it was the only change. I thought it was just poor genetics, but I missed the signs in the does. It took 5 years for the selenium deficiency to rear its ugly head. We sold 2...
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    New kid, weak and cold

    I’m sorry I never replied here! I had another forum that answered in real time - within a minute or so, so I stayed there. Thought I’d update for others who see this issue. I sold 2 does this summer and they also kidded with problems - they both had QUADS. :ep:thWe were told twins and triplets...
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    BackYardHerds New Home! Conversion Info FAQ's

    My preference is set to see signatures, but I don’t see any. I’m using an iPhone 6S. I don’t have any other devices/computers, so this is all there is - no options. I use Safari as a browser. Any thoughts?
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    Weaned Goats Stealing Milk

    The solution we have found is labor intensive. When we started with dairy goats our mentor told us never to let the kids figure out where meals come from! We always bottle fed the kids. It wasn’t until year 3 or 4 that me son said “let’s leave the kids on and still milk twice a day.” The...
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    New kid, weak and cold

    I'm in uncharted territory. Our first doe kidded last night. Evidently I didn't get them enough minerals. Sigh. We were expecting 2 (by vet ultrasound) and there were three. First one - still born. About 1/3 of normal size. She blocked up traffic, of course, which caused the rest. 2nd - I...
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    What you didn't know -Share to help others

    My experience is shipping fever. Our very first goat was a 7 year old Nubian doe in milk. She was born and raised in one place and never moved. We almost lost our sweet Sal, right away! Her milk supply tanked, and the previous owner suspected mastitis so we treated her for that. Scours came...
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    Goat falling asleepwhen bottle feeding!!!

    Just for future - rub their tail. This is how momma goat stimulates and encourages babies to feed. It has helped me with the most difficult bottle kids. Sometimes you've just gotta resort to bein' a momma goat! Lol
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    Lilly had her kids !!

    Stool changes with kidding is pretty normal. From what I understand it has to do with hormones. As long as it is not watery, I would just watch her and enjoy those cute kids. I love to see the little ones kicking their heels and running all over the farm yard from my kitchen window. That is the...
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    Sharyl, I'm sorry I missed most of this! I kept hoping someone else had given you help as I read! Any time my girls seem a little sick with an infection I offer them cloves of garlic right away! Garlic is a natural antibiotic and they usually crunch it right down if they need it. I offer a few...
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    What can I do about scurs?

    Ugh. Yeah. This little guy was 4 weeks, I think. Thanks for the Help! We had bucklings last year and the same guy said they were perfect at 6 weeks. He would just "brake them off!" I said no thanks and just sold them with horns. This guy we are going to keep, so off to the vet he'll go. We...
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    What can I do about scurs?

    Sooooo how do you tell if it is scur or actual horn? We had a "friend" help us disbud our kids this year (it was our first time and we didn't have equipment) and it was a disaster. He told us to wait too long, then came with cutters and cut the horns (a big bloody mess) and then burned. It is...
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    make the yelling stop!(kids)

    We have Nubians, and we have trained them not to bawl...well as much as you can train them not to bawl. LOL If you know they are fed and should be content (I don't follow this if I know they are not feeling well, or if something is different in their routine or environment) just spray them in...
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    Hello From Utah!

    OK...I honestly don't have a lot of time to browse right now... So my question is about weaning bottle fed kids. We have goats for milk production. The kids are 8 week whethers. (yep - got 2 bucklings our first time breeding). How do you all wean bottle fed kids? My plan is to reduce each...
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    Hello From Utah!

    I LOVE backyarchickens, and didn't even know this existed!! Happy that somebody mentioned it on a question I searched this morning. (I was surprised to see someone had asked the same question on backyardchickens!) We have 2 Nubian does and two 8 week old Nubian/Sable Saanen kids. One doe has...