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    Buck Is Not Performing

    I thought she might be as well because I left them in the same cage for the day a couple of times. Then I left her for a month because he had been doing the same thing and nothing, no kits. I tried again yesterday and same thing. He's not interested. They get along and don't fight when she is in...
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    Buck Is Not Performing

    Hi, I have a white NZ buck who is about 8 months old and a black NZ doe who is about two years old. I bought each one from a different owner so they would not be related. When I first got the buck and introduced him to the doe, he was very keen on trying to mate with her but now, he has not...
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    Hello From Canada

    Hey all. Just getting started with raising rabbits and came here looking for info and tips. Live in Ontario Canada and getting ready to hunker down for the winter 8)