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  1. AimeeDx

    Milk, but no lamb yet?

    So one of my dorper ewes is a first timer and is very pregnant, and when milked (i'm not milking her yet, but I am just getting her used to getting milked) milk came out from both teats. I was wondering if there are any guesses as to when she is due? I've been constantly checking on her for a...
  2. AimeeDx

    Premature Lamb, What Now?

    Hi All, Yesterday was an extremely hot day, 37 degrees Celsius in the shade, and 39 in the sun! (so in Fahrenheit, 98.6 in the shade and 102.2 in the sun) and my ewe, Mary gave birth to a very small baby. I heard baaing, and ran out, and the baby had the birthing sack covering its face, so i...
  3. AimeeDx


    So, I've stalked around here for a while, replied a few times, but finally decided to introduce myself and my little bunch of animals. My name is Aimee and i'm from Australia. I have 4 sheep, Woolimina, Mary, Rose and baby Bailey. With them is our guard Alpaca, Harry. And along with the outside...
  4. AimeeDx

    How close to lambing is my dorper ewe?

    Hi everyone. We brought 3 dorper ewes, 2 are 12 months old and 1 is around 3 and a half months old. The two older ones were purchased as probably pregnant. We have had the little over one month, and in the past 2 weeks, her belly has appeared to hang lower (drop?) and her udder is starting to...
  5. AimeeDx

    New to Sheep

    Hi everyone, I've recently purchased 2 dorper ewe lambs, unfortunately i can only get them in two months as they are only 9 days old. I was just going to ask for any advice since we are new to sheep. We've dog fenced a little corral close to the house, connected to a big paddock, we are planning...