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  1. Buzz'n Billy

    Solstice Stimulation

    We stimulated our bees on the Solstice. Today's hive inspection found beautiful brood patterns, emerging brood, and TONS of pollen being brought in! Very pleased today.
  2. Buzz'n Billy

    Bottle Baby Question

    Important Tidbits: We have a bottle baby that is 34 days old. She weighed in 3 days ago at 11.6 pounds (and I swear this week she is growing by the hour - seriously). Our farm is about 30 minutes from home. One or both of us is at our farm every day usually from about 7:00 am to 4:00 pm -...
  3. Buzz'n Billy

    Update on our Farm

    Finally!!! Life on the farm is calming down and we are getting into a routine and learning very quickly that goats are creatures of habit and want their food NOW! Such amazing and beautiful animals. I've had more than one friend on FB mention that I've changed their view on goats since all my...
  4. Buzz'n Billy

    Cover crops for bees

    A GREAT way for beekeepers and gardeners in general to help build bees is through cover cropping. When the field or garden is done for the year it's a great time to plant with the bees in mind as well as help build soil for next year's plantings. A couple cover crops that are easy to work with...
  5. Buzz'n Billy

    We Have Our Goats - quick question or two

    Yesterday we established our goat herd with 6 does - two definitely pregnant, one possibly and two not. These are not friendly, but extremely curious and of course, cute as can be. Long story short, we brought them home and pulled them off the trailer into the net fencing. All went...
  6. Buzz'n Billy

    Hello From The Sunshine State

    Hi! My husband and I are building a farm from scratch and will be adding a small herd of goats as our first livestock animals in just a couple of weeks. This has been a life-long dream for both of us. I am looking forward to reading the forums and finding my way around.