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  1. dcullon

    Limping duck

    I have a khaki Campbell female that's limping on on leg. It's been a week now,not worse or better. I looked at her leg and foot. There's no swelling on her leg at all.only thing I can find is on the heal of her foot its a little bigger bump then the other side. It seems hard. It doesn't seem...
  2. dcullon

    Bad Dandruff and skin

    I have a wethered goat that has had dandruff all over his body and ears and face. His skin is very flaky and dry. You just pat him and its like white dust coming off him. It has gotton worse lately. The vet seemed to think it was a Zinc problem, so gave him 4 shot treatments and he isnt getting...
  3. dcullon


    I have a wethered nigerian dwarf goat that has dandruff all over his body. I give sunflower seeds sometimes to help[. It isn't mites , None of my other goats or sheep have this problem. Any ideas? Debbie
  4. dcullon

    spots on nose

    I have two 21 day old lambs. They got these grayesh looking bumps around their nose and above their top lips. I thought soremouth but their isn't anyway they could of got it from. Plus I don't have on anyone else with a problem,mom's utter are clear. Could it be a fungus? Debbie
  5. dcullon

    too much veggies?

    My husband works at a school where they have cooking class. He had been bringing clean veggies from salads and some fruit in 5 gallon buckets daily. I have three ewes and 5 goats and 13 chickens. Is it ok to give them that much veggies everyday? They seem ok with it. They only eat what they...
  6. dcullon

    Fruits and veggies

    Hello, Are there any fruits and veggies that my 3 ewes CAN'T have? Thanks Debbie
  7. dcullon

    Fat on Hay

    Hello, I have been cutting back on feeding my wethered goats grain. But they are still a little fat. Can hay make them fat at all? They get the best hay I can find and have it in their racks all the time. Debbie
  8. dcullon

    Veggies and fruit

    Are there any fruit or veggies that goats CAN'T have?
  9. dcullon

    whats a great grain brand?

    I got a bag of Dumor goat feed. Is it a good feed or what is better. It has the right 2.1 ratio and has ammonium Chloride. I have all wethered goats and don't want any problems with urinary calculi. Had that problem last yr. with one of my nigerian dwarfs. he has been great sense. We also have...
  10. dcullon

    Giving oil for dry skin

    I have a Nigerian Dwarf wether. He is having some dandruff and dry skin. Is there a oil or something l;ike Flax seed that I can put in his food? Thanks Debbie
  11. dcullon

    Heat lamps in winter

    I live in R.I. and the winters can sometimes be very cold. Today it is only in the 20's and wind chill in the single didgets. I was wondering if I should put up a heat lamp in their run in barn? They seem perfectly fine but thought maybe they should have some heat sometimes? They are two...
  12. dcullon

    If it's heel mites?

    I'm not sure but if my Corriedale ewe has heel mite on her back heels,what can I do about it and is it catchy? HELP! Debbie
  13. dcullon

    Sheep chewing on skin

    I have a Corriedale that is chewing the skin around her back hoofs and near the dew claws. She's chewing so much ,she is making sores. Her hoofs were just trimed. I was thinking maybe I should trim the wool off around her legs and hoofs, maybe the fur is what is causing her to do this.Anyone...
  14. dcullon

    Water drinking

    One of my pygmys drinks a lot of water. he is a wether and around 7 1/2 months old. Is there anything that could be wrong with him or does he just like the water? He seems fine otherwise. I have introduced a goat mineral block that they did not have before. But I didn't notice if he started it...
  15. dcullon

    feeding hay

    I have had goats sense the early spring. I'm still learning. I have read and was also told that high alfalfa hay is bad for wethers. That a good grassy hay is best. I live in R.I. and have been buying the best hay out there. They are all doing great so far. They are living with 3 ewes. They are...
  16. dcullon

    How much to feed

    I have 3 pygmys and 2 nigerian dwarfs, all wethered males. I also have 3 ewes. I feed them all the poulin sheep complete. The goats get a small soup can twice a day. Is that to much and do they even need the grain? I also feed free choice of the best hay I can get. They are all doing great...