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  1. UnlabeledMama

    Should I try to foster the babies?

    We had one experienced doe kindle 2 kits on 10/16/13 and a first time mom kindle 7 kits on 10/17/13. The first time mom lost one on our first frost night so we are down to six for her. They all look good, but there is a bit of disparity in sizes. Two are are smaller then the others. They...
  2. UnlabeledMama

    Broken Flemish Giant

    I got a baby Flemish Giant doe from someone this summer, but as I have been doing more research on the breed it seems like FG does not come in broken coloring? She is very pretty and sweet tempered, but obviously broken. So would you assume she is a mix? Or just a cull?
  3. UnlabeledMama

    False Pregnancy? How?

    Question. I have a doe who is not quite 6 months. We were planning on breeding her for the first time next month. This morning I found her with a haystache running around her cage. When we fed this evening she was even pulling fur! I have had her since she was 6 weeks old (with her parents...
  4. UnlabeledMama

    Multiplying babies!

    We had another kindle day before yesterday! The first time we counted we got 4, then we got 5 yesterday morning. Last night when we gave the night feed we got 6! I'm almost afraid to check this morning! ;)
  5. UnlabeledMama

    What breeds have peanuts?

    I know some of the small breeds will throw peanuts - which ones? I was looking at mini lops or holland lops to have as pet rabbits, but I don't know if I could handle losing so many babies.
  6. UnlabeledMama

    Does no one have Standard Rex rabbits anymore?

    I live in Western NC and I have been looking everywhere for Standard Rex rabbits. I really don't want to drive more then 4 hours or so!
  7. UnlabeledMama

    Flemish Giant mix for eating?

    I have been told that Flemish Giants are too big boned and slow growing for meat eating. But what about a Flemish mix? For instance Flemish/NZ?
  8. UnlabeledMama

    Breeding siblings?

    What are the rules about breeding siblings? Are half siblings okay?
  9. UnlabeledMama

    Using the nest box as a litter box?

    What should you do if you find waste in the next box? Will it hurt the babies? Try to clean it?
  10. UnlabeledMama

    Does my surviving kit have a chance?

    My Flemish/Dutch mix had her first kindle yesterday. I could see several wiggling around yesterday but didn't get an exact count until this morning and most of them were dead! There was 9 total and only one survivor. She made a nice thick nest and they all were still in there. They were all...
  11. UnlabeledMama

    My first kindle!

    My Flemish Giant/Dutch mix had her first litter today! I am so excited! I was worried because she hadn't pulled any fur yet yesterday and today was day 31, but she made a very nice, thick nest last night.