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  1. Rescuechick76

    Juliana pig

    Do any of you have Juliana pigs? I've been thinking of getting one. Do they get the size of a beagle? Do they do well with chickens and goats?
  2. Rescuechick76

    Sick baby goat

    My baby boy has pneumonia. The vet said its not unusual for goats to get it. Does this mean it's something he'll always have issues with? He's only 4 months old. And I think he's had it awhile...because his only symptoms are coughing. He was a bottle baby and he'd drink way to fast and then...
  3. Rescuechick76


    Do you all have lights in your goat houses? We don't have power ran out to it and I'm trying to think of a way to get some light in there this winter. My husband suggested a solar light, but we live in Minnesota :/ we don't get much sun in the winter. For our chicken coop we have an extension...
  4. Rescuechick76

    Coughing kid

    My little boy has this wet cough thing goin on?? When he was on the bottle he would drink to fast and then have a wet cough where he would sound like he was clearing his throat. He's been off the bottle almost 2 weeks but he still has this gurgling wet cough. I had him to the vet last week to...
  5. Rescuechick76

    Wet straw

    I have straw on the floor of my kids house. I think I'm going to switch to wood shavings. But I noticed that my boys hooves were damp when I went out this morning. The top of the straw is dry, but down in the bottom it's wet. Should I be turning the straw?
  6. Rescuechick76

    Old goats

    Just curious what the age is of everybody's oldest goat? :)
  7. Rescuechick76

    Amount of hay

    How do I know how much hay to get for the winter? Right now I have two Nigerian dwarf kids, thinking of adding a third. Have no clue how much to get to last through the winter :/
  8. Rescuechick76

    Hay storage

    How do you all store hay? We are new to this. We have a large pole building we plan on storing it in. But does anybody have any tips on how to do it? It has a cement floor. I'm assuming the hay should be up off the floor. What do you all use? Pallets maybe?
  9. Rescuechick76

    Bees too?!?!

    Omg! I just realized this page has bee info!! Thought about bees this past spring but wasn't prepared enough to get started. Now I can learn on here and be prepared for next year!! I love this page!!!!
  10. Rescuechick76

    Medical books

    Do any of you have medical books on goat health that are a must have? As great as the Internet is I like to have books that you can quick turn to. I've found a few on Amazon, but kinda costly.
  11. Rescuechick76

    Chicken feed

    Do any of you have trouble keeping your kids out of the chicken feed? If so, any tips on what you do?
  12. Rescuechick76


    I am new to goats, but definitely not new to animals in general. But when I got my little boy he was 1 1/2 weeks old. The lady banded him for me, which I now know shouldn't have been done when he was so young :/ But I assumed she knew what to do. Hes now about 9 weeks old and I swear I felt...
  13. Rescuechick76

    Oh crap!

    Just recently moved my kids (about 2 months and 3 months Nigerian dwarfs) into their "house". It's an old shed that we insulated and lined with sheets of chip board. Well they have already decided to chew a hole in the wall :/ What do you all use for materials?
  14. Rescuechick76

    Dumb question

    I feel really dumb asking this...but are grain and feed different? One feed store sold me grain that looks like bird feed, and another place sold me a bag of goat feed that is pellets.
  15. Rescuechick76

    Finally got goats!!

    Hello from Minnesota, I've been wanting goats for a long time. Finally got the hubby to agree. Also have 4 dogs, 4 cats, fish, chickens and rooster, and we have a pet boarding kennel. Our goats are Nigerian dwarfs. One male 6 weeks, and a female 3 months. So excited to have all of you to chat with!!
  16. Rescuechick76


    I am new to goats. I got two nd babies that were 1 1/2 weeks old when I brought them home. I lost one of them to, I believe, bloat ;( It was horrible. I've since added another. My boy is 6 weeks and the new girl is 3 months. I'm confused at whether or not they should be getting grain. I've read...