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  1. goatgurl

    Senile Texas Aggie - comic relief for the rest of you

    hey STA good to see that things are truckin' alone at your place and that you and your beautiful gal are well. the ongoing tractor saga continues. i'm just glad the darn thing hasn't hurt you. i read with interest your thinking about renting your pasture for someone to run cattle on. i did...
  2. goatgurl

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    sorry to take so long to answer. basically he's just here to make babies. hes got a nice hip on him and i'm counting on him passing that along. i've cut the number of ewes down to 5. thats enough to keep me and my family members in lamb and a few extra to sell. he is snow white and we know...
  3. goatgurl

    Hi from the Arkansas Ozarks!

    welcome from another arkie. south of ft. smith. hope you enjoy your stay here.
  4. goatgurl

    Advice needed on keeping dairy and meat goats together

    for a lot of years i milked 10/20/or 30 goats a day as well as showed them for many years. lot of work. now that i am older, i hit 70 this year, i try to make my life easier. my suggestion to you would to have dairy does and breed them to a meat buck for a better meat kid. you don't have to...
  5. goatgurl

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    handsome new ram mike. i crossed to the dark side this year and got a 2 year old katahdin/dorper ram. he has several really nice daughters that his previous owner is keeping so he was looking for a new home. he found one here, at least for a while.
  6. goatgurl

    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    just passing thru and was reading about your surgery and then about your new house. i'm so tickled for you. so much hard work but at least you're putting that hard work into something that belongs to you. my sincerest congratulations.
  7. goatgurl

    2020 Farrowing Thread

    i know that i'm late to the party but just had to say how much i love your baby piggie pictures. nice litters, hope everyone is still doing well.
  8. goatgurl

    Sentry, Baymule’s Livestock Guard Dog

    what a beautiful boy baymule. i think by the look in sentrys eyes as he's leaning on you that he doesn't just want puppy love, he is laying claim to you. that look says my mom, back off. he's going to make you a great dog.
  9. goatgurl

    A little goat management brag.

    personally i think its something in the water... has nothing to do with the care and management of the herd:lol:. i can't believe how time has flown by and that zamia is 10 years old. and WHAT??? you know the rules where are the baby pictures?
  10. goatgurl

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    good looking lambs. the new ram seems to be making long leggy babies. and a little color too. woot... its s good thing wild thing is still so wild, if she weren't the house/herding dogs would have to fight her for a spot on your lap.
  11. goatgurl

    CntryBoy777 - The Lazy A** Acres Adventures

    so glad to hear that, thanks for the update @Bruce, I've been worried about him since I hadn't any activity from him since I've been back the last couple of days.
  12. goatgurl

    Baymule's 2020 Feeder Pigs!

    congrats on the new porkeys. I looked for a long time for a couple of feeder pigs but was not willing to drive 2+ hours and pay $100 for each of them which is where the little toy pigs come in. my 3 boys went ape shift when they first heard one of the little guys squeal but after an hour or so...
  13. goatgurl

    Polled or not Polled

    well willie certainly is a cutie. if you bought him weeks ago he should already have horns sticking thru his hair that you can see. if he is several weeks old you may have lucked out and he's polled too. i'd take him back to the breeder and have her look at him for you. if worse comes to...
  14. goatgurl

    I've gone and done it. now that I've go 'em what do I feed 'em??

    ok, so I was wrong about getting pictures of the new boys. sorry @Baymule its been a crazy weekend and I haven't been able to feed until dark:30 for the past 2 days. pete and repeat are both doing really well. its just hard to take pictures of black pigs in the dark, especially since they...
  15. goatgurl

    Are your black sheep black?

    thanks for the article, interesting. the Dale Bumpers Small Animal research center is not far from me. they do a lot of different studies and have a fairly large katahdin herd. check out their web site to look at a lot of their info. I am blessed to have 60 acres that my animals free range...
  16. goatgurl

    I've gone and done it. now that I've go 'em what do I feed 'em??

    i'll take pictures in the morning, hard to take a black pigs picture in the dark:lol:
  17. goatgurl

    I've gone and done it. now that I've go 'em what do I feed 'em??

    @Baymule these guys are so ugly that they are cute. and if you read carefully you will see that they are castrated males so no surprise babies unlike that last large black glit that I got who presented me with a bunch of unwanted piglets. this is all @frustratedearthmother fault. she is the...
  18. goatgurl

    Are your black sheep black?

    Bee I've been doing this for years. I've had goats for almost 50 years and sheep for 10+. they all run in the same pasture and use the same barn so its almost impossible to separate what they eat and the minerals they share. I think its important to know the mineral deficiencies in your area...
  19. goatgurl

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    hey mike, glad to see that youall are well. was surprised to see mel living with you but went back and read B&B's thread and found out why. hate what she and dh are going through but happy for him and you guys too. nice looking lambs, mom did a great job.
  20. goatgurl

    I've gone and done it. now that I've go 'em what do I feed 'em??

    day before yesterday I lost my mind and bought 2 agh/kunekune cross barrows and brought the little darlings home to plow my garden spot for me before they make pork chops and lard. the folks I got them from said they were feeding them sweet feed which doesn't sound like a great idea to me. I...