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    Anything in this that alpacad can't have?

    It's very cold here right now(-35f) and I'm giving my goats this power punch every day & wondering if my alpaca can have it. I dont see copper in it. I'm in & out of the house doing chores now so thought I'd just post here & someone might know.
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    Goat didn't have bloat, but abdomen is full of water & he's not well.

    yep he has salt block and mineral block with copper and selenium. I'm glad it's not just me that is stumped.
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    Goat didn't have bloat, but abdomen is full of water & he's not well.

    Hi all, I posted earlier this week about possible bloat in a fainter we sold. He doesn't have bloat now, We drove to see him yesterday and his belly is squishy on both sides. He's still lethargic and nothing like he was when he left here(he was my favorite little guy and I almost kept him but I...
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    3 mo Old Goat swollen belly, lethargic.

    He has had a bit of food, but they are removing it now. I think he will have free access to baking soda now too(though if it's not mixed with molasses he might not eat it willingly). He has plenty of fresh water, mineral and room to run. He still looks pretty big, what are your thoughts on an...
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    3 mo Old Goat swollen belly, lethargic.

    Hi all! The new owner of one of my fainter babies called last night. The little guy had a swollen belly and wasn't acting right. It had been warm here(high 80's) and he was eating all day and owner was concerned he was starting to suffer with bloat.(He's still alive this morning). They had been...
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    2 day old fainter, ears flopped, eyes weepy, temp 103.4. Am I right to worry?

    Hi all. We had twin fainters born a couple days ago in the cold/wet weather. Both were fine, and mama is nursing and caring for them. Last night, though, I noticed little boy's ears had flopped quite a bit. Googled it to see what it meant, thinking i'd read it can be a sign he's not well. Went...
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    Scours again. Am I over feeding or what?

    Put her on mom a few times first day (hubby held mommas legs off ground so baby could eat). Now on formula. & not a cheap one! The 1 thing I'm doing different this time is I make a small batch (1/4 of mixing dose on bag) and cool & refrigerate extra. Thin I microwave 2 oz to correct temp at...
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    Scours again. Am I over feeding or what?

    Apologies in advance. Posting on phone while holding baby goats. Two weeks ago today I heard screaming from pen & saw wet baby goat alone. Surprise baby! Both parents are fainters. Baby was 2lbs (since had another surprise baby that is 1/2 fainter 1/2 pygmy & she is much bigger!) Tried to get...
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    antisocial baby goat cries when I leave him, but I have to go to work! What to do?

    Hi all, Some of you were kind enough to help me with this little abandoned goat and his goat lice a week or two ago, much appreciated! But now I have an entirely different problem! He's in the house with me right now. Background-5 week old pygmy dwarf from neighbours farm rejected by mama. I...
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    4 week old indoor baby goat with lice. How do I treat?

    Excellent! Thank you! How about his bedding? Can I wash it in this? Will a hot wash in the washer be enough?
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    4 week old indoor baby goat with lice. How do I treat?

    Hi all, I've recently inherited a 3(now 4 week as of today) old baby dwarf pygmy that was rejected by his mama at birth. His previous owner had him inside, but is no longer able to keep up with the feedings because of work, so now he lives here. BUT today...I found what looks like eggs....and...
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    CDT Vaccine?

    I realize this thread is a year old, but wanted to say thank you to both the person who started it and those who answered. I had 2 questions I was looking up on line-can my alpaca have cdt and if so how much-I should have known to come right to backyard herds for answers but haven't been here in...
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    How can he weigh so little?

    He was 580lbs. :( We listed him for sale online and one of the guys that called back insists that if he's that little at 18 months old(on the 6th of November) there must be something wrong with him. We did feed corn over the winter last year as it was VERY cold here(and I had access to a LOT...
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    How can he weigh so little?

    We had our Holstein steer weighed (well, we had the truck and trailer weighed, then came home and picked up the steer and had the truck trailer AND steer weighed) at the co-op. I don't think the weight can possibly be right?! But then it's the co-op, surely they are checked often?! My question...
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    What is "silage"

    Hate to bump up an old thread, but as it was sort of the same topic I thought that was better than starting a new one. Anyway-in regards silage-I think I know the long silage things you guys are talking about but 1)is it possible to get these in 4 or 5 foot round bales? I thought I heard that...
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    Can cows eat sheep mineral?

    Hi all, We have sheep mineral out for other animals and was wondering if it's ok for the cows to have access to it. ( I know that Sheep cannot have Cow mineral-I'm talking about cows having sheep mineral). Just went to check the bag of mineral for specific ingredients and there's no tag on the...
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    My Horse Won't Go Into The Barn

    I was going to say the same as bonbean! Ours weren't necessarily afraid of the barn but, as temps can get to -30 around here when the wind blows(in Wisconsin) we wanted them to learn to go in so we started keeping their hay and grain in the barn. It got to the point where they didn't want to...
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    Is this round head shape a genetic defect or just because he was premature?

    Hi all. After talking with the vet re-our calf with the bad back leg she mentioned that if his forehead was also round he likely had a genetic defect. We only talked on the phone, she was already pretty certain that a calf born 6 weeks early and with a bad back leg was not going to survive...
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    Premature Calf with Hurt(swollen) Back Leg. Any ideas?

    Well crap. :( If it IS joint/naval ill is it something that can spread to other animals?
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    Premature Calf with Hurt(swollen) Back Leg. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the reply. As far as I know he's been in isolation-not penned up with any other cows/calves for the past few weeks but it's a new development. Did put a call into the vet tonight, will probably have to wait til monday to hear from her though. In the meantime I did give him 3.5ml of...